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2012 Saracen Urban Cross 2 City Bike

2012 saracen urban cross 2 city bike   2012 Saracen Urban Cross 2 City Bike

One of the popular city bikes on the market today is the Urban Cross 2, which is included in the latest 2012 range of Saracen Cycles. This functional and lightweight city bike is designed with short-distance urban commuters in mind.

Built from an urban 6061 hydroformed legal steriods
alloy frame, the Urban Cross 2 tackles the urban environment flawlessly. Other urban riding-specific features include its Suntour NVX 75mm travel fork, Saracen Custom Urban, Kenda tires, and several Shimano components.

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2011 Saracen Tufftrax Comp

2011 saracen tufftrax comp   2011 Saracen Tufftrax Comp

Saracen features a practical and very tough front suspension mountain bike for 2011 called the Tufftrax Comp. With its reliable strength and durability, the Tuffrax is designed to tackle the intricacy and challenges of tough trails and off-road cycling.

When cycling off-road, the rider enjoys support and comfort, thanks to its Suntour XCT suspension forks. High level components include Tektro alloy V brakes that allow for firm and reliable stopping power and Shimano Altus 24 speed gear system that helps the bike to tackle steep passes more easily.

Other features are Q/R alloy hubs, double wall alloy rims, and Nutrak Jack tires. Aside from the sophisticated components, the bike takes pride in its strong lightweight aluminum frame, which is quick to respond. This makes the 2011 Saracen Tufftrax Comp a reliable, powerful, and high-speed bike.

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2011 Saracen Myst Downhill Racer

2011 saracen myst downhill racer   2011 Saracen Myst Downhill Racer

With an extraordinary spec list at a reasonable price, the 2011 Saracen Myst Downhill Racer puts the name Saracen back in the high-end bikes industry. A competition-proven veteran, the Myst features a frame of a single pivot design that comes with a linkage driven shock.

Both front and rear bases are well-covered. At the front is a Boxxer RC fork and at the rear is a Fox Vanilla R shock, which are both excellent units that only require the basic adjustments.

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Saracen Ariel 2010 Mountain Bike

saracen ariel 2010 mountain bike   Saracen Ariel 2010 Mountain Bike

First images that hit the net of the Saracen Ariel 2010 were prototypes, but we have a snap shot of the finish product. The Saracen Ariel 2010 Mountain Bike is used for trails, plus features 140mm of travel. Featuring CNC machined linkage, helping the bike become lighter and yet stiff, tapered head tube, and Fox front and rear suspension. Pictured above is the top of the line Saracen Ariel 2010 Mountain Bike, known as the Ariel 3. This particular model uses a Shimano XT drivetrain, Syncros DS28 rims, Maxxis Larsen TT high roller tires, and Race face evolve chainset. Retail price is around $4,000 USD.

The Ariel 2 retails for about $3,000 USD while the Ariel 1 is $2,500 USD. Each of the Saracen Ariel 2010 Mountain Bike was designed in Britain, but manufactured in Taiwan, and as of now we have…

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