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2012 Santini Sushi Cycling Gilet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Santini Sushi Cycling Gilet

2012 santini sushi gillet   2012 Santini Sushi Cycling Gilet

One cycling garment that is ideal for all riders is the 2012 Santini Sushi Cycling Gilet. Built from a showerproof polyester fabric, this gillet is also windproof. This fabric is also UV fabric and chlorine resistant, so long-lasting durability is guaranteed even after repeated washing and use.

Aside from being reliably showerproof and windproof, the Santini Sushi also features a unique high-stretch construction. The areas of movement is provided with the Aquazerzo panels, which are both waterproof and elastic. This lightweight gillet has a full-length zip and is very easy to fold away.

Protection from the elements is optimized by the highly water resistant Aquazero soft shell and epic outerwear. Even under the worst of weather, the rider is protected by the Sushi, thanks to its elasticated waist. Moreover, its double rear pockets come with reflective tape trim.

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2011 Santini Jam Bib Short

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Santini Jam Bib Short

2011 santini jam bib short   2011 Santini Jam Bib Short

Santini has created one of the best bib shorts for 2011 called Jam. What makes these bibs amazingly comfortable is the new wonder material, which is a seamless knitted polyester fabric, used in the garment.

On the inner section near the pad, a high-tension Lycra is used. Support from the knee upwards is added by the bonded ladder patterns on the outer thighs following the shape of the thigh. Throughout the design, excellent comfort is carried by the bibs with its soft-touch mesh bib and braces.

Very impressive, the NAT pad has a core made from multi-density gel and raised tubular cups on the surface attached to the shorts. This way, slippage is prevented. With its outstandingly comfortable material and a dazzling pad, the 2011 Santini Jam Bib Short is highly recommended for huge challenge rides.

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2011 Santini H2O Epic Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Santini H2O Epic Jacket

2011 santini h2o epic jacket   2011 Santini H2O Epic Jacket

One of the popular all-round jackets in 2011 is the Santini H2O Epic Jacket. This cycling jacket is hugely breathable and will surely keep the rider dry in most conditions. Its fabric is exceptionally stretchy and breathable so riding in comfort is guaranteed.

There are two different types of fabric that make the H2O jacket, which are the black panels and white areas. The black panels are made from Nextec’s Epic polyester while the white areas are the new fabric, AquaZero that is made from nylon and elastane.

Windproof, the Nextec fabric lets no water through during extremely wet rides even after several washes in the machine. The AquaZero is less watertight but it can still tackle drizzle and light rain. During rides when the weather is unpredictable, the 2011 Santini H2O Epic Jacket is a great choice. …

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Santini Dart 2010 Collection

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Santini Dart 2010 Collection

santini dart 2010 collection 1   Santini Dart 2010 Collection

The 2010 Dart collection by Santini consists of a soft shell windstopper jacket, a long sleeve jersey with full reversed zip, and Bibtights.

Santini’s cycling jacket within the Dart collection for 2010 offers its riders breathability through Gore Windstopper material. The jacket is also water and wind resistant. Its design features reflective print on the shoulders, sides, and elbows for an increase of visibility on the road. For storage, Santini has equipped its jacket with elastic cuffs at the end of each sleeve and one pocket that zips shut, located on the rear of the jacket. The Santini Dart soft shell jacket is best suited for cool weather ranging from 20°F – 40°F. Only two different color ways will be available to choose from, black or white.

The Santini Dart long sleeve jersey with a full reversed zip uses tight-fitting Thermastat Thermoroubaix fabric, which helps users of the jersey maintain…

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