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2011 Santa Cruz Chameleon Hardtail

2011 santa cruz chameleon hardtail 300x221   2011 Santa Cruz Chameleon Hardtail

“It can’t change color, and it’s made out of metal, but the name is still appropriate,” as Santa Cruz defines their newest model for 2011, the Chameleon Hardtail, which features a Lime Green colored aluminum metal frame. Other colors available would be in Powder Coat Black, White, Seabright Blue, Chocolate and Red.

The Santa Cruz 2011 Chameleon uses an eccentric 68mm BB shell made to handle forks from 10 to 160mm of travel that can cope-up with the tension of a 50-51mm chain line. It also provides a seat post of 30.9mm that must be supplied with a 34.9mm seat collar.

Frame weight is approximately 4.85lbs, with a price of £499. Santa Cruz recommends an 80-160mm fork range and a max tire width of 2.6”. 8” for a max rotor size can fit it well and give you a straight speed. Chameleon’s retail price–£1,399 with a weight of approx 27.36lbs.


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2011 Santa Cruz Stigmata Cross Bike

2011 santa cruz stigmata cross bike   2011 Santa Cruz Stigmata Cross Bike

Named after the wounds on Christ’s body, Santa Cruz showcased their 2011 Stigmata cross bike at InterBike.

The 2011 Santa Cruz Stigmata is constructed of EA6x aluminum tubing, crafted in the USA, and come with replaceable derailleur hangers.

When the 2011 Stigmata frame hit the scales, it weighed in at 1300 grams. Indeed on the light side, but Santa Cruz made it known that it is still strong and can take the abuse dished at it.

Available only as a frame and fork, the Santa Cruz 2011 Stigmata comes in black, white, lime green, seabright blue, chocolate, red and bare (with glossy clean coat).

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2011 Santa Cruz Butcher Mountain Bike

2011 santa cruz butcher mountain bike   2011 Santa Cruz Butcher Mountain Bike

Santa Cruz named one of its popular “All Mountain” bikes after one of its favorite trails, the Butcher Ranch Trail. We know the bike simply as Butcher. At InterBike 2010, Santa Cruz presented the 2011 Butcher.

The 2011 Santa Cruz Butcher uses the companies newest suspension platform, the APP, which is combined with a single pivot. Using a 150mm of travel, the 2011 Butcher features an aluminum frame, hydroformed tubing, tapered headtube, and ISCG05 mounts.

For the Santa Cruz 2011 Butcher setup at InterBike: It weighs 30.32 pounds and consists of a RP23 rear shock, Lyric SA RC2 DH fork, and SPX AM kit.

Colors available are black, white, lime green, seabright blue, chocolate, red with a powder coat finish.

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2011 Santa Cruz Bullit All Mountain

2011 santa cruz bullit all mountain   2011 Santa Cruz Bullit All Mountain

Santa Cruz introduces the 2011 Bullit, a beefy all mountain bike with many color options.

The 2011 Santa Cruz Bullit uses 179mm of rear travel, 160 to 203mm of fork travel, 20mm single pivot axle, 135mm or 150mm dropout options, 1.5″ headtube, and ISCG05 mounts.

As you can see, the 2011 Bullit gives you options, which also includes a floating rear brake.

The 2011 Santa Cruz Bullit is shown with Vanilla RC rear shock and a Domain Coil RC fork. Overall, weight is 38.02 pounds (for the model shown), but varies with setup.

Colors available are seabright blue, black, white, lime green, chocolate, red, and clear with a powder coat finish.

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Santa Cruz Jackal 2010

santa cruz jackal 2010 300x167   Santa Cruz Jackal 2010Santa Cruz modified the 2008 Jackal, making it lighter by 1.7lbs but made sure that the frame retains its tough quality to make sure you can move at better heights and spins.

The new and better design was with the valuable input from Syndicate riders Jamie Goldman and Kirt Voreis. This resulted to a frame that gives you a better standover and with adjustable dropouts which you can set for singlespeed or derailleur.

The Jackal has a 1-1/8” head tube and a 30.9mm seat tube which has slack of 68.7 degrees for head and 71.7 degrees for the seat angles. The bottom bracket shell has a width of 73mm and height of 12.8”. Weighing at 4.8lbs, the Santa Cruz Jackal comes in colors of Black, Lime, Liquid Blue, Red, White, or Yellow.

Retail price ranges from $570-$680 depending on dealer prices.

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Santa Cruz Carbon V-10

santa cruz carbon v 10   Santa Cruz Carbon V 10

Santa Cruz Bicycles has a new Carbon V-10 in the pipeline. There have been some changes made to this awesome DH bike that differ from its prototype rigs. The designer says that the new Carbon V-10 is much different than that of the Alloy V-10.

The Carbon V-10 has an 8.5 and 10 inches travel and an adjustable head angle, which is independent of the travel adjustment. In addition, the V-10 is now using a Driver 8 swingarm that can be adjusted between 8.5 and 10 inches.

Features of the Carbon V-10 includes: a 9.5 x 3.0 shock, an adjustable travel and geometry, collet pivot axle system, a double sealed lower link bearings and a hidden greaseports.

Also adding to the Santa Cruz Carbon V-10 is a 150/12 maxle rear-end, an 83 mm bb shell, a 1.5 ht and a lifetime crash replacement plus a 2 year design…

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Santa Cruz Bike Festival on Pro Women Riders

santa cruz bike festival pro women riders   Santa Cruz Bike Festival on Pro Women Riders

February 27, 2010 marks the start of the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival. Sponsoring the festival with the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz are FOX Racing Show, Trailhead Cyclery, Gamut USA, Lights and Motion , Black Market Racing, and Barry Swenson Builder. The two day even which will close the 28th is also supported by local bike shops like The Bicycle Trip and Bike Station Aptos.

This year’s event is highly anticipated by many due to the fact that it features top women bicycle riders. The movie Awesome Land-Women of Dirt will also premiere on those dates. This is quite exciting because the movie focuses on cyclists like Kathy Pruitt, Lisa Myklak, Tammy Donahugh and Emily Johnston.

Activities on the opening day are open group rides through the Soquel Demonstration Forest and Demo Day on the Bike Station Aptos area. The next day would be…

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