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2011 Santa Cruz Heckler Mountain Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Santa Cruz Heckler Mountain Bike

2011 santa cruz heckler mountain bike   2011 Santa Cruz Heckler Mountain Bike A powerful weapon for mountain biking newly released in 2011 is the Santa Cruz Heckler. Designed with the serious rider in mind, this mountain bike features outstanding durability with a frame that is light but very sturdy.
Making the Heckler stand out among competitions in the mountain biking category is the grin per mile it offers. This versatile trail bike takes pride in its excellent features such as the solid and ultra-dependable single pivot suspension that delivers 150mm rear wheel travel.
While the 2011 Santa Cruz Heckler Mountain Bike is one of the best on the market, it is still affordable. Along with a tough aluminum frame, the Heckler features formed tubing swing arm, extra strength shock bolts and a replaceable derailleur hanger that includes a bottle opener. …

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2011 Tallboy Al Mountain Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Tallboy Al Mountain Bike

2011 tallboy al mountain bike   2011 Tallboy Al Mountain Bike

Very versatile with large wheels, the Tallboy Al is one of the most popular mountain bikes of 2011. Named Al, the bike is available in aluminum yielding to an excellent geometry, line, and suspension with less weight and price.

As the aluminum version of the very successful carbon Tallboy, the Tallboy Al promises the same excellent performance as its predecessor’s. What makes them slightly different is their compatibility with chain guides using an offset lower link.

Crisp handling and fast rolling are offered by the pairing of VPP suspension and 29” wheels of this bike. The same down tube is featured in large and XL 2011 Tallboy Al mountain bikes. On the XXL frame, however, the bike does not promise sufficient tube strength.

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2011 Highball Carbon 29er

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Highball Carbon 29er

2011 highball carbon 29er   2011 Highball Carbon 29er

Extremely light and sharp, the 2011 Highball Carbon 29er is the ideal bike for riders who are looking for race and championship. Highball is a very agile, stiff and surefooted hard tail 29er bike. Aside from its 2.45 pounds carbon frame, the Highball also features a standard bottom bracket shell and seat post.

With 17.3 inches, the chain stays of the bike are nicely short. Keeping its stiffness is the traditional 1.5 external lower bearing, and a 1 1/8th internal upper, which also keeps stack height and a favorably low handle bar height.

Curved for wheel slamming capability, the long and straight seat tube allows for an enhanced seat post insertion. The 2011 Highball Carbon 29er is also designed to be very light, stiff, and strong, thanks to the dropouts and disc tabs molded into frame during an excellent one piece layup process.

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2011 Blur TRc Carbon Trail Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Blur TRc Carbon Trail Bike

2011 blur trc carbon trail bike   2011 Blur TRc Carbon Trail Bike

Featuring a 2.5 kg frame with shocks included is the new trail bike from Santa Cruz named Blur TRc thanks to its carbon fiber, as c in its name stands for carbon, along with its lay-up process. With 68-degree head tube and 72.5-degree seat tube, the angles of this all carbon trail bike online casino nederlandsegokken are very relaxed.

The carbon fiber frame is combined with essentially flex-free VPP design, which offers 5 inches of rear wheel travel. This results to the most rigid chassis among all competitions. 0.3-inch shorter chain stays and the slackened headtube offers a longer wheelbase.

Along with its more progressive and crisp suspension, the 2011 Blur TRc Carbon Trail Bike provides excellent pedal efficiency. For more firmness, the trail bike has a 13.1-inch bottom bracket. However, the bottom bracket does not show flexibility.

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2011 Santa Cruz 29er Hardtail Coming Soon

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Santa Cruz 29er Hardtail Coming Soon

1294163021297 wmhwistaqfgu 670 75   2011 Santa Cruz 29er Hardtail Coming Soon

A 2011 super lightweight Santa Cruz carbon 29er hardtail is apparently in the works from Santa Cruz. Added reports suggest that the new hardtail will make the rounds around the market this year and will weigh an astonishing 20lbs, 9 oz.

The image was leaked on Santa Cruz’s official blog with a few details prior to its release. It seems that the hardtail will consist of a Fox F29RLC fork, some SRAM XX components and ENE carbon clincher wheelset complete with tubes.

While sporting a medium sized frame and an ultra cool, tapered head tube the unnamed Santa Cruz bike has started some buzz online regarding its name and on its performance. Speaking of parts, there are also a lot of added features based on the images leaked, including a carbon molded IS disc mount and rear dropouts.

Though Santa Cruz representatives have been coy about the actual release date of their…

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2011 Santa Cruz Nomad

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Santa Cruz Nomad

2011 santa cruz nomad   2011 Santa Cruz Nomad

The 2011 Nomad raises the bar higher as Santa Cruz made it lighter, sleekier and snappier than the previous Nomad. Incorporating carbon fiber into its frame, the Nomad is a certified lightweight and super stiff machine.

A one piece-lay up and curing is applied on the front triangle of the frame. Santa Cruz used the carbon fibers to continue around tube junctions for better shock absorption. Inside the frame, a net shape lay-up can be seen. Fiber compaction is smooth with no added unknown materials or resin pools. This also allows no rider weight limit on the Nomad.

Key technologies used on the Nomad Carbon involves VPP or the Virtual Pivot Point suspension design that was used on the old Nomad. This time, the patented counter-rotating link design manages to minimize chain growth by 20%. With carbon fiber upper and forged aluminum lower on short links, chassis and handling are…

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Santa Cruz S-Man L/S TRAD Merino Jersey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Santa Cruz S Man L/S TRAD Merino Jersey

santa cruz s man l s trad merino jersey   Santa Cruz S Man L/S TRAD Merino Jersey

Winter is here, and if you’re a fan of Santa Cruz bikes, note that they’ve just released a jersey made of merino wool from New Zealand.

The Santa Cruz S-Man L/S TRAD Merino Jersey is lightweight, soft, and is worn very close to the skin, ensuring warmth.

When summer rolls around, the Santa Cruz merino jersey can handle warmer weather by flings away moisture and sweat.

Small branding is placed, with the Swobo logo on the left shoulder blade and a Santa Cruz strip on the lower sleeve. Limited quantities are available, with a retail price of $120….

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