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San Marco Bicycle Film Festival 10th Anniversary Concor Supercorsa Seat

san marco bicycle film festival 10th anniversary concor supercorsa seat   San Marco Bicycle Film Festival 10th Anniversary Concor Supercorsa Seat

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Bicycle Film Festival, San Marco has released a limited edition seat. The San Marco Concor Supercorsa is the model chosen, which takes on a vintage look while put together nicely with black leather, gold lettering and rails.

More in depth, the San Marco Bicycle Film Festival 10th Anniversary saddle features gold “BFF” logo and “10″ stamped at the back, plus San Marco in gold on the side. If you are interested in purchasing the seat, you can do so at a BFF event, or online at the official San Marco website.

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San Marco Zoncolan Carbon FX Saddle

san marco zoncolan carbon fx saddle1   San Marco Zoncolan Carbon FX Saddle

Nothing is more comfortable when riding if you are sitting on a saddle that does not make you feel your buttock areas are going numb. The San Marco Zoncolan saddles can solve that problem for you. This product was designed to have a wide, unusually expansive rear section with short, narrow and well-padded nose. The purpose of this design is to give the rider a comfortable ride and maximize their movement while seated rearwards with a good comfort levels.

This 2010, the carbon-fiber saddles are common but with the San Marco’s latest invention, their Carbon FX saddle rails were added with the weight of this Zoncolan model down to at least 150g. These rails are then molded into one piece with a unidirectional weave and is about 10mm deep to provide the much wanted stiffness. It is said to match the stiffness of the Xsilite steel rails that was used…

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Cedric Garcia on San Marco Dirty

cedric garcia san marco dirty   Cedric Garcia on San Marco Dirty

The San Marco Dirty line has a new endorser in the face of Cedric Gracia. The French mountain biker founded the CG Brigade Racing team and will compete under this team come this season. He has tested the Zoncolan model during his winter training and will definitely use its different types of Skull and Dirty saddles specially designed for tough off-road races in the world. These varied types are distinctly identified with its aggressive graphics and technical devices best suited to meet the demands of any biker.

The San Marco Dirty line, an Italian company is proud to have their Dirty products identified with such a popular biker as Cedric Gracia. He is the former Commencal Team Leader, both famous and loved by his fans for his competitive streak and fun-loving acrobatic stunts. His pleasing personality and contagious smile often leave his fans in breathless awe. With Gracia leading his…

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San Marco Saddles Bicycle Film Festival Limited Edition

san marco saddles bicycle film festival limited edition   San Marco Saddles Bicycle Film Festival Limited Edition

San Marco has produced five different saddles for the Bicycle Film Festival, and is a limited edition. Known as the Concor Supercorsa, each color represents one of the three dozen cities partaking in the Bicycle Film Festival; black (London), blue (new york), green (Milan), red (Tokyo), and yellow (Paris). The city and Bicycle Film Festival logo is embossed on each seat. Each color is limited to 50, and will cost you €95. Available at San Marco.

Source: Bicycle Film Festival

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San Marco Ischia Saddle 2009

san marco ischia saddle 2009   San Marco Ischia Saddle 2009

The Ischia Saddle from San Marco is a great choice for serious cyclists. It features a flat profile with a aerodynamic, race-like look, along with chromoly rails and a lot of padding to protect your rear when you’re riding. It is a bit heavy, which would make it better for use on the trail rather than on the road. The San Marco Ischia Saddle 2009 can be purchased for $47.61.

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