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2012 Sampson Stratics SL Carbon Fiber Road Pedal

2012 sampson stratics sl carbon fiber road pedal   2012 Sampson Stratics SL Carbon Fiber Road Pedal

Sampson Sports, a company known for technically advanced framesets based in Denver, has introduced a new carbon fiber road pedal called Stratics SL after a meticulous process of development and testing. This new pedal has several features to pride itself on. There is an optional titanium axle model, too.

The 66mm wide top surface of the pedal comes with a supporting steel plate. Aside from making the platform more durable for the cleats, the plate enhances the pedal’s structural rigidity, as well. Long life is guaranteed by the pedal’s top plate, which is a fully polished stainless steel.

Built from long-strand carbon fibers, the body of the 2012 Sampson Stratics SL Carbon Fiber Road Pedal has lost a considerable amount of weight. Both comfort and power are maximized by the cleats that lay flat, thanks to the No-Rock cleat design of the pedal’s platform.

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Sampson Stratics s5 & s6 Road Pedals

sampson stratics s5 s6 road pedals   Sampson Stratics s5 & s6 Road Pedals

Sampson and their pedals have been around on the main circuit since 1987, and throughout the years are a exceptional choice for many cyclist. Now we are in 2010, and Sampson introduces the Stratics s5 and s6 Road Pedals, using the 22 year clipless innovation to bring us a light and for a smoother ride pedal. The Sampson Stratics s5 only weighs 121 grams, while the s6 is at a shocking 99 grams. Other highlights are the rigid alloy body, and 62mm wide platform. The s5 retails for $129, while the s6 is priced at $239. Expected release time for the s6 is March 2010.

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