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2012 Salsa Cycles CroMoto Fork

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Salsa Cycles CroMoto Fork

2012 salsa cycles cromoto fork   2012 Salsa Cycles CroMoto Fork

One of the most recommended forks on the market today has been introduced by Salsa Cycles for 2012. Named CroMoto, this fork is built from a Salsa Classico CroMoly that makes it outstanding both for replacement and upgrade purposes.

The CroMoto is a full CroMoly fork, which comes with forward-facing stainless steel dropouts and a 11/8in CroMoly steerer. Moreover, the suspension of this fork has been corrected for new forks with less than 80mm travel or older forks with 80mm travel suspension.

While the 2012 Salsa Cycles CroMoto Fork is lightweight, it is also incredibly rigid. On the other hand, the fork is not abusive so it is perfect for riders who are fond of retro items. Removable cantilever bosses will be featured by its 425mm version.


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2011 Salsa La Cruz Ti

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Salsa La Cruz Ti

salsa la cruz ti 300x223   2011 Salsa La Cruz Ti

Salsa Cycles understands the demand for a cyclocross bikes that can be taken to the edge through its Salsa La Cruz Ti.

The La Cruz Ti frame is designed and crafted with a 3/2.5 seamless titanium tubing, compatible with 47mm rake cyclocross forks and fits up to 700c x 38mm tires. It has a 130mm rear spacing and its biaxial downtubes are oval. The derailleur hanger of the La Cruz Ti is replaceable if and when the need arise.

The 18”medium frame has a standard 1 1/8” headset, 27.2 mm diameter seat post, 35.0mm seat clamp, along with fender mounts and a welded water bottle cage.

The Salsa La Cruz Ti sustains strength, stiffness, low weight, damping of vibration and sturdy resilience. The bottom bracket shell is 68mm and comes equipped with cantilever brake studs. …

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2011 Salsa Spearfish

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Salsa Spearfish

2011 salsa spearfish 300x169   2011 Salsa Spearfish

Salsa Cycles introduces its newest full suspension platform, the Spearfish. This model is designed for endurance racing long rides. The frame is shaped with hydroformed EV6 tubing and can fit tires up to 2.25 inches. The weight for the Spearfish comes just under 6lbs even for a 29er frame.

The 2011 Salsa Spearfish rear triangle is shaped to allow for seatstays to flex during suspension cycles. This modification means no rear stay pivots. The frame also optimizes 100mm travel for the front fork and 80mm travel for the rear. It features a tapered headtube, press-fit BB30 bottom bracket and can fit 3×9 or 2×10 speed drivetrains.

Salsa Cycles releases the 2011 Spearfish with MSRP of $999 for the frame and $2250 for a complete build with RockShox Reba fork, tubeless rims and SRAM X7/X9 components. Availability will be in December.

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Salsa Cycles 2011 Mukluk Snow Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Salsa Cycles 2011 Mukluk Snow Bike

salsa cycles 2011 mukluk snow bike 1   Salsa Cycles 2011 Mukluk Snow Bike

Although its still Summer, Salsa Cycles is thinking of you with their 2011 line. What we have is the Mukluk, a hardtail known as the Snow Bike.

The 2011 Salsa Cycles Mukluk will take to the snow with its wide rims and tires (tires are huge!), add those two together with proper pressure and you will cut through the snow with ease. The frame geometry is also perfected for the snow, and is achieved by your usual hardtail mtb.

One thing you might think of while riding through the snow, is going at slow speeds. 2011 Mukluk is a comfortable ride even at slow speeds with its tall headstube, low stand over height, and lower bottom bracket height.

The 2011 Mukluk snow bike comes as a complete or frame only.

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Salsa Cycles El Mariachi Titanium 2010 29er Mountain Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Salsa Cycles El Mariachi Titanium 2010 29er Mountain Bike

salsa cycles el mariachi titanium 2010 29er mountain bike   Salsa Cycles El Mariachi Titanium 2010 29er Mountain Bike

Salsa Cycles leaked the first image of the El Mariachi Titanium 29er mountain bike that is constructed of titanium. The Salsa Cycles crew has rode the prototype for the past year, and Joe Meiser won Trans Iowa on the titanium mountain bike last year. The first Salsa Cycles El Mariachi Titanium 2010 29er Mountain Bike is for those that enjoy shifting, but a single speed model is in the works, plus if titanium doesn’t fit your fancy, a steel frame will release. More information and pictures coming soon.

Source: Salsa Cycles

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