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Fi’zi:k Aliante Carbon Womens Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fizi:k Aliante Carbon Womens Saddle

aliante saddle by fizik 1 300x157   Fizi:k Aliante Carbon Womens SaddleFizik just released a wider line of recreational and women specific saddles aside from their regular collection of race performance seats. Recently out of the market, The Aliante (143mm wide), the Arione (132mm wide) and the Anatres (143mm wide).

Their best seller is the Aliante saddle. It is wider and with a slight ergonomic dip as to its length. Selle Italia and Selle San Marco introduced their new carbon railed and shelled versions, however the move appeared to be a response to a marketing strategy. Aliante maintains its comfortable design of durability. The Fizik Aliante Carbon is 199 grams of a wider and softer saddle. The exterior shell is 35 grams of multi-directional carbon fiber and around 15 grams bi-directional carbon/Kevlar weave interior “hammock”. Just be sure not to fall asleep while riding.

SRP is €175-€299, depending on the rails chosen (K:ium or Carbon Braided).

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WTB Valcon, Silverado Road and MTB Saddles Go Carbon

pinit fg en rect gray 20   WTB Valcon, Silverado Road and MTB Saddles Go Carbon

wtb valcon silverado road mtb saddles carbon   WTB Valcon, Silverado Road and MTB Saddles Go Carbon

WTB‘s popular saddles for road and mountain bikes will receive a upgrade that will release towards the end of this year. Those seats are the Valcon and Silverado.

The WTB Valcon and Silverado will now use carbon fiber rails and carbon composite shells. Silverado is a popular mountain bike saddle, while the Valcon is primarily used for road bikes, but off road as well. This upgrade will reduce the weight by 30 grams, compared to the previous titanium rails. Overall weight for the Silverado is 170 grams, and the Valcon at 165 grams.

Another change, which is more noticeably is the embossed microfiber covers, lowering the weight a bit compared to the leather covers. Still, both seats will feature the WTB DNA padding, while the Valcon will receive the LuxZone cutout. For protecting the back part of the Silverado saddle, Kevlar has been added…

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Selle San Marco Aspide Glamour Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Selle San Marco Aspide Glamour Saddle

selle san marco aspide glamour 300x177   Selle San Marco Aspide Glamour SaddleAspide Glamour TriathGel woman’s triathlon saddle is the perfect saddle designed and developed for female triathletes by Selle San Marco. The saddle possesses a gel-enhanced nose soft enough to give the extra relief and comfort for triathletes riding hours in the aero position. The saddle only weighs 210 grams and retains its original shape and provides the much needed comfort and support.

Its quality and uniqueness is shown by its Titanox hollow stainless steel rails, the lorica cover and the gel-enhanced nose for comfort specifically all for Women’s tri-specific saddle.

Selle San Marco has come up with a specific system to determine the right Women’s saddle for the female triathletes. The system is called “S.I.Z.E” or the Surface Ideal Zone for Ergonomics where it serves to deliver the right saddle. The sizes are neither small nor medium nor large but rather are coded in specific set of numbers….

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Freedom Racine Saddles

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Freedom Racine Saddles

freedom racine saddles 1 300x170   Freedom Racine SaddlesFreedom Bicycle’s Racine saddle tops its product line on road racing saddles. It comes in two models, the Elite and the Sport.

The Racine Elite weighs 260g while the Sport is heavier at 320g. Both models use a whale tale design to maximize the power generated by the rider while keeping support of the rider’s position on the saddle. It also has tapered side wings that minimize the saddle’s contact to the rider’s leg when pedaling.

The Racine Elite features a sleek design, narrow nose, embossed center line stripe and Cromoly rails. It measures 275mm x 140mm and comes with a firm lightweight padding that absorbs road shock and vibration.

On The Racine Sport, it features satin steel rails, a narrow nose with mid-rear width like the Elite and also has Freedom’s lightweight padding technology. It measures the same as the Elite. Both models come in colors black or white…

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Antares Versus Saddle by Fizik

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Antares Versus Saddle by Fizik

antares versus saddle by fizik   Antares Versus Saddle by Fizik

The latest Antares Versus by Fizik reduces the pressure on your flesh on long rides better than its predecessor. Fizik accomplished this by adding a full-length central channel, to its popular saddle, while keeping the flat-topped shape that the Antares is praised for.

The two Antares versions differ from each other in design, but the result effect isn’t too noticeable. The standard Antares is firm and dense, which provides supportive padding whereas, the Antares Versus may seem to have a lower density that immediately absorbs the body weight, thus flattening its appearance.

The added channel is approximately 4mm deep. There is a width difference of 2cm from the nose to 5cm at the tail. The pressure on the soft tissue is lessened, but the overall effect comes at a slight improvement.

The Antares Versus is specifically designed and constructed to meet the standard of a high-end saddle. With Its sleek appearance, the Antares…

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Serfas E-Gel Saddles

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Serfas E Gel Saddles

serfas e gel saddles   Serfas E Gel SaddlesSerfas E-Gel Saddles are among the many bike saddles in the market that assures comfort as well as performance throughout your cycling challenge.  This is because its features can be considered as unique compared to the ones found in the market. 

First, it uses the patented E-gel technology that gives maximum support for you as well as frictionless seating.  This is because it will make the biker have an independent movement for the body resting on top while keeping the bottom part steady.  With your seat not moving against your body’s movement, you will be able to enjoy frictionless ride and not a sore bottom. 

You can get this with the cruiser size or whatever size that you prefer so you will be able to maximize the comfort you need throughout your bike ride.  In this way, you will be able to find the best comfort that you want to continue…

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Fyxation Classic Leather Saddles

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fyxation Classic Leather Saddles

fyxation classic leather saddles   Fyxation Classic Leather Saddles

Fyxation has just rolled out the new classic leather saddles, while the padding is constructed for ultimate comfort. The Fyxation Classic Leather Saddles use Cr-Mo rails, ergo cut out, and chrome plated seat rails with graduated marks for easy adjustment. Three colors are available which are black, brown and white. You can purchase now at Fyxation or a local retailer for $64.95.

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