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2012 Brave Monster, Trickster, and Seatgrab Saddles

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Brave Monster, Trickster, and Seatgrab Saddles

2012 brave monster trickster and seatgrab saddles   2012 Brave Monster, Trickster, and Seatgrab Saddles

Featured by the 2012 range of Brave saddles are the Monster, Trickster, and Seatgrab. Aside from their stylish look, the common feature of the 2012 Brave Monster, Trickster, and Seatgrab Saddles is the very stiff 8mm oversized chromo rails.

Freestyle jumps are tackled well by the huge grip area of the 420g Monster saddle, which has thick padding and Kevlar top. For riders who are looking for an all-rounder, the thin Trickster saddle is ideal. It features sturdy synthetic upper material with Kevlar edges and very comfortable nice small seat.

For BMX, dirt, and street rides, the Seatgrab is strong and durable enough since this saddle is made from a hard-wearing upper Vinyl material, which resists abrasion very effectively. Moreover, the Seatgrab has molded front and rear grab handles.

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Selle Royale Origins Contour and Aeroyal

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Selle Royale Origins Contour and Aeroyal

selle royale origins contour and aeroyal   Selle Royale Origins Contour and Aeroyal

Selle Royale reintroduces its 1970s saddles in a 2011 version under Origins, the Contour and the Aeroyal. The Contour comes in two versions, the leather and the microtex cover. The Contour leather is hand-made in Italy. The 1972 Contour was dubbed to be the first saddle to take into consideration the relationship of the rider, the saddle and the rest of the bike into its design to insure maximum performance and comfort.

The Aeroyal is said to be among the first saddles on the market to breach the BMX crowd. With its strong design, Selle Royale releases the 2011 version without any modifications on its original form.

The 2011 Contour Leather comes in light brown, black and white nabuk while the Contour Microtec comes in colors of blue, black and white. The 2011 Aeroyal comes in black and white colors. Dimensions for the Contour are 160×273 mm and weighs 395g while…

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2011 Selle San Marco Vintage Collection

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Selle San Marco Vintage Collection

2011 selle san marco vintage collection   2011 Selle San Marco Vintage Collection

Selle San Marco revives its 2011 saddles with its Vintage Collection line. The retro move brings back 3 favorites—the Rolls, Regal and the Concor Supercorsa—in different covers of leather, suede, perforated leather and textured leather. The Rolls and the Regal have options for titanium rails for those who want to shave off some weight. Prices range from 79 Euro to 170 Euro.

The Vintage Rolls were a favorite by many cyclists because its shape fits almost every one. Dimensions for the Rolls are 282mm x 143mm and weighs 312 grams. They come in black, brown and white colors.

The Vintage Regal comes with a racing pedigree combined with classic stud detailing. It weighs 345 grams and measures 283mm x 149mm. Color schemes are the same with the Rolls. It uses both leather and textured leather coverings.

The Vintage Concor Supercorsa comes in its original molding but in more colors. Blue, yellow, red…

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2011 Bontrager Affinity Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bontrager Affinity Saddle

2011 bontrager affinity saddle 300x203   2011 Bontrager Affinity Saddle

Bontrager releases a new line from the makings of its inForm Science of Comfort technology, the 2011 Affinity saddle. Bontrager made Affinity for riders that take to riding on an upright position for both road and off-road trails. The Affinity series features size specific curvature as well as a posture specific design. With gender specific measurements, the saddles also has a unique contour relief zone and different density padding.

The Affinity saddle features hollow titanium rails and a synthetic leather cover. The saddle is different from other Bontrager saddles because it has lower tails. The foam on the rear is firmer while the foam on the nose is much softer for better comfort.

The Affinity RL weighs in at 236g and retails at $99.99. The RLX has a 203g and retails at $129.99….

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Brooks Select Organic Saddles

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brooks Select Organic Saddles

brooks select organic saddles   Brooks Select Organic Saddles

If you love touring on your bike enough to rack up 10,000 to 20,000 miles a year, the new Brooks Select saddles might be right up your alley.

Brooks worked with a couple different cow farms in Sweden for organic cowhide. The cows used roamed in open fields away from trees, resulting in a clean cowhide with no blemishes. Still, each Select is unique looking because of this process.

Towards the back of the Brooks Select saddles are hand pounded rivets, a unique process featured on most Brooks.

Each saddle is very tough, and is claimed to last twice as long as other Brooks saddles on the market.

Retail price starts at $195.

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2011 SDG Storm Saddles

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SDG Storm Saddles

2011 sdg storm saddles 300x190   2011 SDG Storm SaddlesChris Han from SDG introduces the 2011 SDG Storm All-Weather and Extreme Saddles at the Interbike 2010. The I-Fly Storm saddles were created on the long-time trick pros use when extreme conditions are present while racing. This was the gluing of tire treads on saddles for more traction and grip. SDG banks on this concept and came up with the Storm Saddles, specific to its purpose of being a saddle you can depend on to keep you seated in whatever weather condition you use it for.

The new saddles have side ribs and differs on the rubber knobs placement. The Extreme saddle mimics the tire tread more with horizontal placement across the saddle and larger concentration on the higher area of the saddle. The All-Weather saddle has circular knobs scattered strategically on the saddle surface.

Both saddles come with two set of seat clamps to make it compatible with regular posts…

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Brev.M Classic Saddles

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brev.M Classic Saddles

brev m classic saddles   Brev.M Classic Saddles

Go back in time with Brev.M Classic Saddles. It sports a sleek retro look. The Classic Saddles comes with synthetic leather covers on 7mm steel rails.

The Chromoly feature was built to last. The saddle is comfortable and breezy with several options on the synthetic cover. You can choose between smooth/embossed or the perforated/dimpled. Whatever you choose, its designs and padding guarantees a smooth ride atop the Brev.M Classic Saddles.

The Brev.M Classic Saddles comes in colors of black, white and brown. It retails for $25 and weighs 334g.

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