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Win Fizik Tour Yellow Arione Saddle & Bar Tape

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Win Fizik Tour Yellow Arione Saddle & Bar Tape

win fizik tour yellow arione saddle bar tape   Win Fizik Tour Yellow Arione Saddle & Bar Tape

You now have the chance to win a Fizik Team Replica Yellow Arione CX saddle and handlebar kits, all for the 97th Tour de France. Fi’zi:k is giving away 21 limited edition packages, representing the 21 stages of the Tour de France.

In order for you to win the Fizik Tour Yellow Arione Saddle & Bar Tape, go to the official website, click on the link “Win a Stage of the Tour de France and register. Each mourning, Fizik will randomly select a registered user, but if you don’t win the first stage, register for stage 2 and so fourth. At the end of the tour, 10 names will also be pulled for a special prize.

Winners will be announced on Fizik Facebook and Twitter page. Additional information on the Team Yellow Replica Fizik Arione Saddle, the kit retails for $190, and comes in a limited…

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San Marco Zoncolan Carbon FX Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   San Marco Zoncolan Carbon FX Saddle

san marco zoncolan carbon fx saddle1   San Marco Zoncolan Carbon FX Saddle

Nothing is more comfortable when riding if you are sitting on a saddle that does not make you feel your buttock areas are going numb. The San Marco Zoncolan saddles can solve that problem for you. This product was designed to have a wide, unusually expansive rear section with short, narrow and well-padded nose. The purpose of this design is to give the rider a comfortable ride and maximize their movement while seated rearwards with a good comfort levels.

This 2010, the carbon-fiber saddles are common but with the San Marco’s latest invention, their Carbon FX saddle rails were added with the weight of this Zoncolan model down to at least 150g. These rails are then molded into one piece with a unidirectional weave and is about 10mm deep to provide the much wanted stiffness. It is said to match the stiffness of the Xsilite steel rails that was used…

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Prologo C.ONE30 Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Prologo C.ONE30 Saddle

prologo c one30   Prologo C.ONE30 SaddleMost of the bikes we see are custom made and usually are big and bulky. But if you are looking for something to reshape the way your bike looks then get Prologo C.ONE30 saddle.

This was designed to shed off some weight on your bike. The ideal profile creates a platform  that is appropriate for narrow sir bones while still supporting the muscles on the hamstrings and gluteal area. This was constructed by using high modulus carbon shell or what is better known as HM a layer that increases strength.

To maximize its capacity strength the designer used 3 HM T700 carbon layers which are positioned with some fibers at 45 degrees in the outer layer and making 0 degrees for the internal layer of its shell. With its additional M30 carbon layer, the saddle is made stable having it resistant to torques.

The shell itself was designed not only…

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Prologo Scratch Pro Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Prologo Scratch Pro Saddle

prologo scratch pro saddle   Prologo Scratch Pro Saddle

Prologo comes out with a new saddle that boasts of Italian quality and innovative design. The Scratch Pro is the saddle that combines comfort, performance and value. This is what makes it the most popular saddle in Prologo lineup. It is the saddle of choice by 53% of the Pros sponsored by Prologo. It is also the one Robert McEwen chooses to use.

The Scratch Pro saddle retains a traditional domed structure which allows the platform suitable for canter and to support cyclists with narrow hip bones, hamstrings and the gluteus muscles. The saddle is also equipped with Active Density (AD). This is one of Prologo’s patented saddle construction techniques. With AD, the padding is distributed to three zones of the saddle.

The Scratch Pro saddle has a light and durable base. It has the Carbn Fibre Injection Base which is made a composite scompound with 16% carbon fiber. This allows the…

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Charge Bikes x Wiggle Bucket Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Charge Bikes x Wiggle Bucket Saddle

charge bikes wiggle bucket saddle   Charge Bikes x Wiggle Bucket Saddle

With the recent release of the Charge Scissor, Charge Bikes has connected with United Kingdom retailer Wiggle for a bucket saddle. The Charge Bikes x Wiggle Bucket Saddle is inspired by 1980s seat designs, and was built to bring together comfort and style for retro cyclists or fixed gear enthusiasts. The details are cr-mo 7mm rails, 270mm x 150mm dimensions, and released in “Wiggle” orange. Retail price is £15.29, which is about $24 USD. You can now purchase at Wiggle.

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Specialized Toupe Team Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Toupe Team Saddle

specialized toupe team saddle   Specialized Toupe Team Saddle

Anybody knows that sitting down on an uncomfortable surface for long amounts of time can equal discomfort, especially on a bicycle when you still have kilometers to go until the finish line. The Specialized Toupe Team Saddle is a high-performance, lab-tested saddle that actually makes sure that blood flows unobstructed to those sensitive arteries. It also features “medium” rated ultra-light padding and carbon reinforced shell for extra durability. The Specialized Toupe Team Saddle is also lightweight as well as waterproof. Stop by the Specialized online shop to purchase the Specialized Toupe Team Saddle for $170….

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Cinelli Ram Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Ram Saddle

cinelli ram saddle   Cinelli Ram Saddle

The Cinelli Ram Saddle is made with a multilayer HM T700 and M30 carbon fiber structure for increased stiffness. It also has a strengthened insertion point at the rail for extra stability. The Cinelli Ram Saddle’s rail is made from Pro Titanium for strength as well as light weight. It comes in a carbon and white color way with “ram” in red letters on the front….

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