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2012 Octane One Pivotal Saddle

2012 octane one pivotal saddle   2012 Octane One Pivotal Saddle

Octane One has released its lineup of cycling items for 2012, which includes the new saddle called Pivotal. Overall, the strength of the saddle’s structure is increased. By improving its base construction, seat damages including bent or cracked seat nose are prevented.

Crafted with 100% nylon, the Pivotal saddle guarantees a high quality. It also comes with a very nice one-piece microsuede top cover and a thin padding. Aside from its slim shape, another good feature of the saddle is its hollow bolt.

Weighing in at only 245g, the 2012 Octane One Pivotal Saddle offers a lightweight but strong seat. It measures 221mm x 122mm. Moreover, in order to make the front-end stiffer and shorter, the Pivotal mount was shifted forward.

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2012 Octane One Combo Saddle

2012 octane one combo saddle   2012 Octane One Combo Saddle

Included in the new lineup of saddles released by Octane One for 2012 is the Combo. The saddle is made of a plastic base that is connected with an aluminum one-piece 25.4mm seat-post combo, including the 27.2 shim. With the 110mm long post, rising by 60mm is allowed.

Featured by its one-piece seat post are a slim padding and micro-suede top cover. Along with the micro suede material is a nylon base and 6061 alloy seat post. This saddle measures 210mm x 120mm. Its seat angle is not adjustable but fixed.

Weighing in at only 245g, the 2012 Octane One Combo Saddle is incredibly lightweight and neat looking as well. Aside from the highly competitive weight, the price of the saddle is also affordable as compared to other standard sets of seat and posts.

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2012 Octane One Rocker Saddle

2012 octane one rocker saddle   2012 Octane One Rocker Saddle

Riders who are looking for an innovative saddle will love the Rocker, which is released by Octane One for 2012. This saddle owes its good aesthetics to its modern approach to a traditional all-around seat design. With mid padding, it is medium-sized.

Made from nylon base and one-piece micro suede top cover, the material used for the saddle makes it highly versatile. The Rocker can tackle a wide range of rides from the simple all-around riding to the more demanding dirt as well as slopestyle and freeride.

Offered by the mid-sized 2012 Octane One Rocker Saddle line is excellent comfort and light weight. Weighing in at 295g, it measures 246mm x 133mm and it comes with strong and very light hollow 4130 cromoly rails that are 8mm thick.

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2012 Prologo Scratch Pro Nack Saddle

2012 prologo scratch pro nack saddle   2012 Prologo Scratch Pro Nack Saddle

Included in the 2012 range of saddles from Prologo is the Scratch Nack. Quality has been enhanced very well without raising the price much, with the EV2 multi-density padding and machined bases featured in the entire Prologo saddle range.

The changes the entire range has undergone are both cosmetic and technical. While producing the Scratch Nack design is quite expensive, first-rate qualities are guaranteed making it ideal for riders who are looking for maximum comfort combined with excellent performance.

A stiff and light carbon fiber hull and a woven Kevlar’s bonded-in section are combined by the range-topping 2012 Prologo Scratch Pro Nack Saddle, the bonded-in section of the woven Kevlar molds to the backside for ultimate comfort.

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Brooks B67 Sprung Leather Saddle

brooks b67 sprung leather saddle   Brooks B67 Sprung Leather Saddle

For those who prefer to sit straight on their bikes, the ideal saddle is the B67 Sprung Leather from Brooks. As one of the wider Brooks saddles, the B6 Sprung Leather is quite wide enough to offer a comfortable position. Weighing at 1530g, the saddle is 260mm long and 210mm wide.

In order to get rid of the tingle caused by road bumps, the saddle is filled with springs underneath. While its handlebars are slightly higher than the saddle, most of the weight of the rider is put on the saddle.

As one of the ultimate saddles for comfort available on the market, the Brooks B67 Sprung Leather Saddle is ideal for riders who regard comfort highly. With chrome springs and black steel rails, the saddle is available in a honey or black leather top.

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2011 Arte Selle Dakar Double Saddle

2011 arte selle dakar double saddle   2011 Arte Selle Dakar Double Saddle

Arte Selle, an Italian brand, has produced one of the best racing saddles for 2011 named Dakar Double. Its surprises include its weight and price. Weighing at 186g, the saddle is very lightweight while its price is lower than the competitors. For a race saddle, it is average being 130mm wide and 275mm long.

The nose tapers from about 60mm to 43mm wide where the rails mount. Its shell is quite flat instead of arcing from side to side. This gives the rider a level platform up front. Great comfort is provided by the shell and the decent cushioning from a middling depth of padding with Lorica covering.

With its tried and tested shape, the 2011 Arte Selle Dakar Double Saddle definitely feels great in use. Other features are titanium rails and carbon-infused base with a smidge of flex. With the Dakar Double, Arte Selle has successfully offered a…

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2011 Bioflex Ozone Saddle

2011 bioflex ozone saddle   2011 Bioflex Ozone Saddle

Bioflex has released a leisure saddle called Ozone for 2011. To optimize comfort, this general purpose saddle features a full cut-out section in the middle of the base. Through this, the excess forward pressure points can be reduced.

Flexing in the pressure areas is the dual-density Shocklite base. Moreover, the saddle features shock absorbing gel cushioning. On the sides, there are scuff-resistant bumper panels while at the rear, a reflective panel is included.

Designed for commuting or touring, the 2011 Bioflex Ozone Saddle offers maximum comfort. Weighing in at 443g, this saddle is packed with excellent features. Along with the embroidered logo of this must have saddle is a simple but nice look.

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