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Ryders Eyewear VTX Sunglasses

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ryders eyewear vtx sunglasses   Ryders Eyewear VTX Sunglasses

The interchangeable VTX sunglass from Ryders Eyewear are perfect for those cyclists who love to travel off-road.

Its lenses are interchangeable, which a pair of clear and orange ones are also included. Protecting from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays, the sunglasses offer its user a bit more than protection from wind, dirt and other debris. The orange lenses help increase contrast for those instances with low light conditions like when in the thick of a forest or simply when sun is low.

VTX sunglass come with a TR90 frame and three colors to choose from. The first, a Gloss Black frame that has lens colors varying from Grey Flash, Orange or Clear, with tints of 15, 47 or 99 percent VLT. The second is a Metallic White frame, which also comes with the same lens options but different tint options (12, 47, and 99 percent). The last frame…

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Ryders Bike Goggles Banger, Shore

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ryders bike goggles 2   Ryders Bike Goggles Banger, Shore Ryders Eyewear present its first bike goggles specifically designed for downhill and freeride MTB cycling. The two models, Banger and Shore, can block vapor rising from the mouth and nose. This is one of the common concerns for MTB riders.
With the new bike goggles from Ryders, you can ride protected from elements. The bike goggles use shatterproof, fog free, 100% UV protection lenses. Each model is compatible with a full-face helmet. It also has integrated tear off posts.
The Ryders bike goggles have a uniquely made frame with vents. The ventilation is located at the front and sides with the fresh air being channeled towards the back to avoid fogging up the glasses.
The Banger retails at $39.99 and comes in gloss black color. The Shore retails at…

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Ryders Eyewear Vigor Sunglasses

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ryders eyewear vigor sunglasses   Ryders Eyewear Vigor SunglassesIf you are a type of cyclist who spends more time on the road than in your home, then it is about time you get yourself a pair of Ryders Eyewear Vigor Sunglasses. You must have something that would fully protect your eyes not just from the sun but also from other outdoor elements like tiny rocks, dusts, bugs and even wind which can dry up your eyes.

It is Ryders Eyewear Vigor Sunglasses that can give you best eyewear performance especially if you will be dealing with a wide range of climates. For just $45, you can already enjoy the many unique features of this pair of glasses. Just like the rest of their other models, their temple and nose piece sections have flexible memory wires inside.

This just assures you that with Ryders Eyewear Vigor Sunglasses, you are sure to have a comfortable eyewear fit. Its rubber coating…

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