pinit fg en rect gray 20   Masher Fixed Gear Trick Bike by RYD

masher fixed gear trick bike by ryd   Masher Fixed Gear Trick Bike by RYD

An influx of fixed gear riders over the passed 2-years has sparked the birth of many small emerging bike building companies. Red Your Dead (RYD) is the latest of these companies to cross our radar with its Masher fixed gear trick bike.

The Masher incorporates an admirable design. It calls the attention of urban city tricksters with its less-is-more attitude. The Masher’s straight forks, which come to a point, and frame attempt a geometry for all skill levels.

BYD sales its bike with Neco Alloy 1-1/8″ Threadless headset, Maya 700c Alloy double wall 32h rear wheel, KMC Z410 white chain, among other parts. To aid its riders in tire clearance for barspin tricks, the Masher uses a 650c front weel by Maya.

MSRP: $599

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