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2011 Time RX Instinct Road Bike

2011 time rx instinct road bike   2011 Time RX Instinct Road Bike

Time, a French company, has a new bike for 2011 called the RX Instinct. Along with Giant and BMC, Time is one of the only three companies that begin constructing a bike with raw carbon-fiber filament. Moreover, Time features vital control over frame construction and uncompromising attention to carbon tuning.

Strength is increased in the areas where it is deemed necessary by adding secondary fibers such as Kevlar and Vectran. As a fondo-level bike with precise specifications and carefully tuned frame, the RX Instinct is capable of racing but perfect for a wide-ranging of terrains.

With its perfect construction and performance level for long rides, the 2011 Time RX Instinct Road Bike is perfect for riders who want a comfortable and stable ride. However, the RX Instinct is not recommended for small riders who prefer a quick-handling ride or a bike that is cheaper in terms of cost…

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2011 Time RX Instinct Carbon Frameset

2011 time rx instinct carbon frameset   2011 Time RX Instinct Carbon Frameset

Time has released a carbon frameset for 2011, the RX Instinct. While this frameset enjoys the advantages of an extremely fast road bike, it also features Time’s Ergodrive geometry that offers a more relaxed riding position.

A less aggressive position is achieved, thanks to the taller head tube. This is ideal to sportive riders and to anyone who has a back problem. One topnotch technology featured by the frameset is the Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) that makes it a perfect racing machine.

With liquid polyamide fibers, jolts and shocks to the frame are reduced. Built through the unique three-step process of Time, the 2011 Time RX Instinct Carbon Frameset is designed for optimal back comfort. This makes it ideal for long-distance riders.

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