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TrailZilla App

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trailzilla app 300x193   TrailZilla AppMemory-Map releases its latest GPS, trail-making application called the TrailZilla. Aimed to cater to all outdoor enthusiasts who wants to record and share trails with the rest of the world, this new online media is the answer.

TrailZilla lets you find trails and best routes through your GPS. Once registered, you can upload your own trails and routes and share it with the community. The trails archived include activities by bike, on foot, on water, winter sports, fishing, driving, by air and even fishing routes.

The website uses Google Maps which includes satellite and terrain topography. You can also rate other people’s trails or routes and have others rate the ones you uploaded as well. This social interaction option can give you insight on which trails are best and which ones to avoid.

TrailZilla is free but you can get premium maps for a price. The premium maps would depend on your…

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2010 Tour De France Route Unveiled

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2010 tour de france route unveiled   2010 Tour De France Route Unveiled

This past Wednesday, the 2010 Tour de France route has been unveiled. 2010′s race begins on July 3rd in Rotterdam and ends on July 25th in Paris. There is going to be one prologue, nine flat stages, six high mountain stages, and four medium mountain stages. However, this year, there will be only three mountain top finishes, only one individual time trial, with no team time trials. The 2010 Tour de France will cover a total of 3,590 kilometers. Below is a list of the Tour’s stages:

Prologue, July 3, Rotterdam – Rotterdam individual time trial, 8km

Stage 1, July 4, Rotterdam – Bruxelles, 224km

Stage 2, July 5, Bruxelles – Spa, 192km

Stage 3, July 6, Wanze – Arenberg Porte du Hainaut, 207km

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