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2011 Rolf Prima TT85, TDF Wheels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Rolf Prima TT85, TDF Wheels

2011 rolf prima wheels 2   2011 Rolf Prima TT85, TDF Wheels

Rolf Prima has not been known to make a lot of waves in the bike world, but it must not be taken for granted. Coming out in 2011 are the Rolf Prima TT85 and the TDF deep section carbon tubular wheels. These are made around 23mm wide and 85mm deep carbon rims carefully hand-laced with 12 spokes from front to rear for stiffness and aerodynamic performance. The two wheelsets are created on Rolf’s Tdf 4.4 hubset of titanium freehub body and quick releases, which maintains a much lighter weight. The TT85 weighs 1685gms and Tdf 85 weighs 1695gms each pair respectively. The two deep-section wheelsets have a cost price of $2200 per pair.

In addition to these new releases, Rolf Prima upgraded the Tdf 58 with 16 spokes to the front and 16 at the rear for added stiffness. To complete its expanded range of paired spokes for 2011, it…

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Rolf Prima P-Town Commuting Wheels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rolf Prima P Town Commuting Wheels

rolf prima p town commuting wheels   Rolf Prima P Town Commuting Wheels

Rolf Prima releases a new wheelset focusing on the commuter, they are called the P-Town. Using 16 spokes on the rear, and 14 spokes on the front, both have a combined weight of 1,640 grams.

Two Rolf Prima P-Town wheelset packages are available, one is your basic P-Town wheels ($699), and the other comes with a White Industries ENO hub ($749). The hub is a great addition for those taking a vintage road bike and converting it to a single speed or fixed gear.

Your choice in 120mm or 130mm, but the White Industries ENO Eccentric hub is only available in 130mm. With every purchase you will also receive rim tape and CNC’d frame bolts.

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