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2011 RockShox SID World Cup

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 RockShox SID World Cup

2011 rockshox sid world cup   2011 RockShox SID World Cup RockShox’s Revelation gets revamped for 2011 in a World Cup design. It now gets to use the Dual Position Air spring system which gives a 30mm approximation on travel adjustment down to 120mm. This can be done easily with a flick on the lever at the right side of the crown. It also uses the Motion Control damping systems with 32mm aluminum upper tubes.
The travel for the 2011 RockShox Revelation World Cup is 150mm and is highlighted with its one-piece carbon fiber steerer which is tapered to be light yet retains the stiffness of the fork. It has the 15mm Maxle Lite option for 120mm.
The updated Revelation World Cup aims to make climbing easy yet still provides you the thrill of the ride on the trail. It weighs 3.28lbs…

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RockShox 2011 Boxxer Downhill Fork

pinit fg en rect gray 20   RockShox 2011 Boxxer Downhill Fork

rockshox 2011 boxxer downhill fork   RockShox 2011 Boxxer Downhill Fork

RockShox 2011 Boxxer Downhill Fork has a few tweaks for the coming year, while the 2010 stirred some excitement, since it was the first redesign in years. RockShox 2011 Boxxer forks were tested last year by the BlackBox racers World Cup Season which is a huge plus since past issues have now been resolved. For example, the air springs are replaced with a Solo Air Spring and a self regulating negative spring.

2011 RockShox Boxxer forks also contains a updated Maxle Lite thru axle, and the air spring is moved to the lower part of the fork to combat against damage from over tightening the crowns. Retail price for the RockShox 2011 Boxxer forks is $1700.

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RockShox Reverb Seatpost

pinit fg en rect gray 20   RockShox Reverb Seatpost

rockshox reverb seatpost   RockShox Reverb SeatpostIn the past couple of years, a trend in adjustable seat posts have been popular among riders. Most of those adjustable seat posts were concentrated on mountain bikes where the ability of the cyclist to drop the saddle just a few inches can really help riders during downhill rides and drops.

The company RockShox has created their own adjustable seat posts into the market, calling it the Reverb. This genius design was created for adjustable seat post that offers 125mm or 4.92 inches of adjustment through its hydraulically remoted handlebar lever and yes, the return speed of this craft is also adjustable at the remote.

Durability and quality is good since there is a triple-lipped energized sealing system that prevents any dirt deposits. Almost weightless, the Rock Shox Reverb seat post is made from 7050 forged alloy with a zero offset 3D forged alloy head.

For other options, this seat…

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RockShox Sektor Front Suspension Fork

pinit fg en rect gray 20   RockShox Sektor Front Suspension Fork

rockshox sektor front suspension fork   RockShox Sektor Front Suspension Fork

RockShox will soon unveil its new family for front suspension called Sektor. The Sektor is tagged as the “new bulldog in the 150mm travel arena”. After the release of Revelation, RockShox took product development one step further with the Sektor, marketing it to be the fork that allows diversified choices.

The Sektor gives you three spring options: Coil (130, 140, 150mm), Solo-Air (130, 140, 150mm) and U-Turn (100-140mm or 110-150mm). It has 9mm QR and Maxle Lite offerings of 15×100 or 20×110.

Other features of the Sektor includes motion control (RL), turnkey lockout (TL) and external rebound (R) for its damping system. It is also made with hollow 6061 T-6 aluminum crown with 32mm 7075 aluminum tubes. The external rebound adjuster is enhanced and additional offerings for the new front suspension fork include compatibility with 1 1/8” Aluminum steerer, 1 1/8” to 1.5” tapered aluminum steerer, 1.5” aluminum steerer.

MSRP of $471, the…

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