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2012 RockGardn Fate Carbon Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 RockGardn Fate Carbon Gloves

2012 rockgardn fate carbon gloves   2012 RockGardn Fate Carbon Gloves

Featuring a new 1×4 split-knuckle design, the 2012 RockGardn Fate Carbon Gloves guarantee high quality and reliable performance. Sewn to a leather edge are four independent pieces instead of a large single-piece knuckle. In turn, the leather edge is sewn to a neoprene panel, which is floating and ventilated.

To help the knuckle pieces articulate with the hand’s position, the neoprene panel slides over the breathable Airmesh top layer. This helps get rid of pressure points both for braking and gripping. Attached to the Airprene layer are the internally padded carbon-fiber forefingers and knuckles.

While the real cowhide leather inside thumb and lower palm maximize comfort and abrasion resistance, the sweat-absorbing terrycloth back thumb comes with a leather-reinforced tip. Lastly, the durability and breathability of the are enhanced by its woven finger gussets.

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2012 RockGardn Karma All Mountain Jersey, Shorts, and Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 RockGardn Karma All Mountain Jersey, Shorts, and Gloves

2012 rockgardn karma all mountain jersey shorts and gloves   2012 RockGardn Karma All Mountain Jersey, Shorts, and Gloves

Ideal for fashion-conscious riders are the newly released 2012 RockGardn Karma All Mountain Jersey, Shorts, and Gloves. First, the stylish and sporty Karma jersey is made of moisture-wicking polyester. Available in black/white and blue/black colors both with tan piping, it nicely matches the Karma shorts and gloves.

Made from 100% microfiber twill fabric, the new Karma shorts are strong and wrinkle-resistant but unbelievably soft. Movement is unrestricted, thanks to its seat and crotch stretch panels. To help make the fit perfect, the shorts have an independent belt and gathered elastic waistband.

In order to protect the middle and index fingers of the rider, the Karma gloves have direct injected ribs and silicon beads that offer a positive lever texture. These gloves optimize the cool, lightweight, and personalized connection between the rider and the bike.

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2012 RockGardn M-Theory MTB Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 RockGardn M Theory MTB Gloves

2012 rockgardn m theory mtb gloves   2012 RockGardn M Theory MTB Gloves

While featuring maximum performance and great aesthetics, the 2012 RockGardn M-Theory MTB Gloves are available for a very reasonable price. This makes these mountain bike gloves one of the must-buy items for riders who are price-conscious but do not compromise the quality.

Several amazing features are offered by the RockGardn M-Theory. Comfort is optimized by its full-length TPR finger protection that has a soft-stretch Airprene knuckle panel and the silicon grippers of its reinforced palm on the middle and index fingers.

While these mountain bike gloves are perfect for DH, they can also tackle XC pretty well. On the other hand, the downsides of the RockGardn M-Theory include its heaviness when wet and its tendency to make the hands feel hot during summer rides.

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Rockgardn 2011 NEO Kneeguard

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rockgardn 2011 NEO Kneeguard

rockgardn neo kneeguard 275x300   Rockgardn 2011 NEO KneeguardRockgardn’s 2011 NEO kneeguard is the latest item from the company which guarantees superior quality body armor. The NEO is made with Kevlar impact panel that gives full coverage and resistance to wear and tear. It has an inner plastic kneecap with several layers of EVA foam for maximum impact absorption.

President of Rockgardn, Mark Carlton describes the NEO, “We wanted the NEO to meet some pretty stringent standards. It needed to be tough without sacrificing comfort and range of motion, and it had to be super stable on the leg during a crash”.

The 2011 NEO retails for $69.95. Carlton adds, “In order to use rigid plastic underneath, you have to have a really tough outer layer. Even though the Kevlar fabric is crazy expensive, we think it’s the best choice out there”.

The NEO kneeguard also features inner and outer knee side padding to further protect your joints. It has…

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Rockgardn All-Mountain Wear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rockgardn All Mountain Wear

rockgardn all mountain wear 11 287x300   Rockgardn All Mountain WearRockgardn Sports Inc., the hard-core producer of DH armor, has introduced its latest “Karma” collections of mountain outwear such as shorts, jerseys and matching gloves. The President of Rockgardn Sports Inc. Mark Carlton stated, “…with the Karma line, we’re trying to reach out to a slightly different audience.” The Karma All-Mountain collection of shorts and jerseys are coming out in two color combination’s which could be interchangeably matched into four different looks and sporty styles.

The new Karma All-Mountain Shorts are made of 100% micro-fiber twill which is tough, rugged, wrinkle free and remarkably soft to wear. The seat and crotch panels stretch to allow unrestricted and comfortable movement. An elastic waistband and independent belt are set to reach a perfect suitable fit. There are two side pockets and thigh pockets as well and another pocket at the butt portion. They are perfectly designed to match the Karma Jerseys and…

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