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2012 Rock Racing X-3Si and RX4Si Road Bike Frames

2012 rock racing x 3si and rx4si road bike frames   2012 Rock Racing X 3Si and RX4Si Road Bike Frames

Two of the new exciting road bike frames released by Rock Racing for 2012 are the X-3Si and RX4Si. While the X-3Si uses a combination of T800 and 3K carbon, the RX4Si utilizes a mix of T800 frame and a 1K weave carbon outer lamination.

Both the 2012 Rock Racing X-3Si and RX4Si Road Bike Frames weigh in at 1000g. For the X-3Si frame, custom sizes and Di2 wiring ports are optional while a seat mast is not available. It also gets an external cable routing as well as a little less shaped frame.

On the other hand, the standard version of the RX4Si frame comes with an internal brake and shift cable runs. For this frame, custom sizes are available while Di2 wiring ports and an integrated seat mast are offered as upgrades, as well.

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2012 Rock Racing RX5Ri Road Bike

2012 rock racing rx5ri road bike   2012 Rock Racing RX5Ri Road Bike

After its hiatus, the Rock Racing company has been revived by its owner, Roberto Tronconi, in partnership with the R&D and production manager, Michael Ball. For 2012, the company will be offering a line up of road bikes with three models, and the top of the line model is the RX5Ri.

Different shapes are used by the tubes in the entire frame for maximum stiffness and ride adjustments. Features include Shimano PressFit 86 Bottom bracket, integrated seat mast, and asymmetric seat tube. Since it is handmade, the RX5Ri will be available not only in six stock sizes but also in custom sizes.

Handmade in Italy, the 2012 Rock Racing RX5Ri Road Bike is constructed with a Nomex honeycomb sandwiched with carbon. Aside from making this well thought out road bike incredibly strong, these materials decrease vibration to near zero, as well, as claimed by Rock Racing.

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Rock Racing Denied Professional Continental License

team rock racing denied professional continental license   Rock Racing Denied Professional Continental License

Team Rock Racing has been denied a professional continental license, and the UCI has yet to make a comment on why. The official statement was simply “the Management Committee rejected the registration of the US team Rock Racing.” Team owner Michael ball or other management have yet to comment as well. None of the team have commented either, but at least one member said he doesn’t know why the team wasn’t approved. Jose Enrique Gutierrez told “I am very disappointed. As a team we were all very excited by moving up.” The Website also said that other riders are refusing to comment, perhaps waiting until team management comments….

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Floyd Landis May Sign with Rock Racing

floyd landis may sign with rock racing   Floyd Landis May Sign with Rock Racing

About a month ago, we reported that Floyd Landis will be leaving his current team OUCH, and possibly signing with Rock Racing for 2010. French Website, citing sources close to Michael Ball, team owner, says that Landis is on the verge of signing with Rock Racing. However, the contract is dependent on whether or not the team will obtain their Professional Continental License from the UCI. The license announcement is expected on January 4th. The UCI rejected their first application for a license. “We’re obviously very disappointed but are working diligently to satisfy every requirement that is being asked of us. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure we can race next year,” the team said in an earlier statement….

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Tony Cruz Signs with Rock Racing for 2010

tony cruz signs with rock racing for 2010   Tony Cruz Signs with Rock Racing for 2010

American pro cyclist Tony Cruz left BMC Racing to sign with Rock Racing for 2010. Rock Racing will enable Cruz to compete internationally while still residing in Long Beach, CA with his family. The soon to be 38 year old had his doubts about staying with BMC Racing do to a lack of opportunities such as being unable to race the Tour de France, which Cruz is desire to be a part of before retiring post 2010 season.

“I think they can do the Giro or Vuelta, but I’m not 100 percent sure that they’ll be ready to do the Tour. From a staffing standpoint they’re not a ProTour team yet so there’s no guarantee. I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen so I had to pull the plug on that one”, he explained.

Michael Ball, the owner of Rock Racing team, is glad to have Cruz…

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