actor robin williams gets pulled over in new york for cycling   Actor Robin Williams Gets pulled Over in New York for Cycling

Actor Robin Williams recently shared his experience with the ladies of “The View” regarding his recent brush with the police while cruising on his bike in New York City.

According to Williams, he was on the road dressed as a “terrorist” or a “crack dealer” when he made a quick detour up to the sidewalk on his bike. The comedian swore that at the time, there was nobody looking and that the coast was clear.

He was surprised when he got pulled over by the cops.

The authorities at first did not recognize the Oscar Award winning actor but when the police did recognize him, he was let off with a warning.

The View host Elisabeth Hasselbeck exclaimed “I got hit by a bike on a sidewalk!” to which Williams quickly replied “Well, it’s the law because of her,” much to the laughter of the audience and the hosts….

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