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Trek Circuit Road Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Trek Circuit Road Helmet

trek circuit road helmet   Trek Circuit Road Helmet

The Trek Circuit Road Helmet makes for a very lightweight piece of protection while you’re on the road. Not only does it protect your head, it also performs while you’re riding. It features 21 CFD software-enhanced vents, which provide air flow and ventilation. It also features premium wicking fit pads. The ZipTite 2 Elite Fit System makes sure the helmet stays on tight. 1$ of each Trek helmet sold will also be donated to bicycle friendly communities, as part of Trek’s 1 World 2 Wheels commitment. You can purchase the Trek Circuit Road Helmet at the Trek online shop for $109.99….

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Specialized Miura Road Optics

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Miura Road Optics

specialized miura road optics   Specialized Miura Road Optics

The Specialized Miura Road Optics, available in both photochromic and non-photochromic non-shifting Dark-State NXT lenses, are the perfect fit for the ProTour cyclist or just the occasional rider. The adaptalite lenses automatically adjust to existing light conditions, which can be of big help when the clouds are shifting in and out. The lenses also feature a unique filter which makes red colors brighter for enhanced safety. The frames are made with molded grilimid, making them strong and durable. You can purchase the Specialized Miura Road Optics at the Specialized online store for $90 to $145….

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Specialized Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses

helix optics 2010 road cycling glasses   Specialized Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses

Specialized’s Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses are more than your average pair of sunglasses. They feature Specialized’s cutting-edge Adaptalite lenses, which automatically adjusts to current light conditions. If you want a more simpler approach, the Specialized Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses are also made with non shifting dark state NXT lenses. These road optics have unique filters in the lenses, enhancing the color red for added safety. A molded megol nose piece and ear tabs hold the shades on comfortably. The Specialized Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses are available in a variety of team color ways. Retail price for these shades ranges from $95 to $130. Head to the Specialized online store to purchase….

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Specialzed BG Gel Glove

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialzed BG Gel Glove

specialized bg gel glove   Specialzed BG Gel Glove

These Specialzed BG Gel Gloves are great for road cyclists. They utilize BG Gel Technology, which reduces numbness in the hands by taking pressure off of the ulnar nerves. The palms are protected too, with soft BG Gel foam padding across all of the pressure zones. A really cool feature of the Specialzed BG Gel Gloves is the soft microwipe thumb, which is designed to wipe away sweat. A very useful feature indeed. Micro-width VELCRO closures allow for unrestricted wrist movement. The Specialzed BG Gel Glove retail for $35.00, and can be purchased at the Specialized online store….

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