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2012 Northwave Extreme Tech Road Shoe

2012 northwave extreme tech road shoe   2012 Northwave Extreme Tech Road Shoe

For 2012, Bontrager will be replaced by a pair of road shoes called Extreme Tech from Northwave as the footwear sponsor of Team RadioShack. This new road shoe takes pride in its excellent ventilation, maximum comfort, durability, and nice color options.

With a new airflow system, the all-new Ultralight Carbon sole of the Extreme Tech ventilates the rider’s feet. Having no overlapping materials, the entirely seamless upper maximizes comfort. Also, breathability is also optimized by the perforations and ventilation windows of the road shoes.

For those who are looking for an award-winning bike shoe, the 2012 Northwave Extreme Tech Road Shoe is an excellent choice. While it is designed for all pedal types, the shoe also features a Speedplay-specific adapter that allows for an incredibly low stack height.

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2012 Carnac Ultra Road Shoe

2012 carnac ultra road shoe   2012 Carnac Ultra Road Shoe
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For riders whose main concern with their cycling footwear is comfort, the 2012 Carnac Ultra Road Shoe is perfect. This is because the shoes are packed with bike-specific features, such as synthetic P-Skin and micro-mesh uppers and interchangeable rubber heel.

It is very easy to fasten the Velcro straps of the shoes and they will not stretch. Compatible with three-point pedal clips, its road sole is equipped with the integrated air intake (I.A.I.) aeration system for optimal ventilation by providing three air intakes in front and a big outlet at the back.

Making the Ultra exceptionally cool and comfortable is its synthetic micro-mesh upper. Its sole is impressively stiff enough to power transfer highly effective through the pedals. When out in the saddle, experienced and new roadies will also find these shoes are very comfortable.


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2012 Giro Factress Road Shoe for Women

2012 giro factress road shoe for women   2012 Giro Factress Road Shoe for Women

For women riders who are looking for the most fashionable cycling shoes, the best item can be the new road shoe called Factress, which is released by Giro for 2012. As the female version of Giro’s Factor shoe, the Factress also features Easton EC90 carbon fiber soles.

Moreover, the Factress comes with a safe and strong integrated ratchet buckle closure and Super Natural X-Static adjustable footbed kit for the insole, which is available in three different arch supports. What makes the Factress different from the Factor is its fit designed for women’s narrower heels.

Very stylish, the 2012 Giro Factress Road Shoe for Women can be as successful as its male counterpart, Factor, and another female cycling shoe from Giro, Espada. It also features agile and sturdy Teijin Samo microfiber in the upper construction and offset middle D-ring to avoid pressure points.

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Bontrager Race XXX Lite Limited Edition Road Shoe

bontrager race xxx lite limited edition road shoe   Bontrager Race XXX Lite Limited Edition Road Shoe

The Race XXX Lite limited edition road shoe is by far Bontrager’s lightest and and technologically advanced cycling shoe to date. The shoe is said to deliver the goods when a rider seeks perfection and comfort. The RXXXL is made to be very lightweight while using a unique slipper-like design for added comfort.

The Bontrager RXXXL LE shoe features its ZeroXS design that basically maximizes high performance in a lighter manner with better fitting and efficiency. Such design omits traditional complicated materials. The RXXXL is built with a Stiff Platinum Series Carbon sole and a 360 deg molded heel cup that provides unparalleled power transfer. It also features bonded uppers, single-seam and a three-strap closure system that significantly reduces weight and provides maximum support and comfort.

The Race XXX Lite limited edition, looking stunningly super light and efficient, approximately weighs 199g. MSRP: $299.99.

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Specialized BG S-WORKS Road Shoe

specialized bg s works road shoe   Specialized BG S WORKS Road Shoe

The Specialized BG S-WORKS Road Shoe are lightweight and built for performance. They weight in at only 225 grams, with a very convenient mechanical closure system. They also feature a BG+ high performance foot bed which reduces hot spots and actually improves knee and foot alignment for the ultimate in performance. The Specialized BG S-WORKS Road Shoe have two independent boa dials, one which secures the ankle and heel, and one the tightens the arch and forefoot. The outsole is made with FACT 12.0 carbon for maximum stiffness lightweight. The upper is made with Micromatrix for toughness as well as water resistance. Purchase the Specialized BG S-WORKS Road Shoe at the Specialized online shop for $350….

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