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2012 Surly Pacer Road Frame

2012 surly pacer road frame   2012 Surly Pacer Road Frame

One of the latest road frames updated for 2012 is the Pacer by Surly Bikes. Aside from its 10-speed Tiagra components, the crown and rear tire spacing of the Pacer is also updated for 2012 to allow true clearance for 700×32 tires and 700x28s with fenders.

For the standard reach brakes, the options will be 47mm-57mm calipers only. In other words, the new 4130 TIG-welded Pacer frame will not work with any short reach brakes anymore, such as Campy, Dura-Ace, SRAM Rival, and 105. This versatile frame is ideal for commuting and day-tripping.

While it may not be the most stylish bikes on the market, the 2012 Surly Pacer Road Frame gets a nice new metallic blue color and old graphics. While its aesthetics is understated, some exciting updates allow this all-day roadie to offer guaranteed reliability and comfort.

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2011 Velocite Geos Full Carbon Road Frame

2011 velocite geos full carbon road frame   2011 Velocite Geos Full Carbon Road Frame

New from Velocite is a full carbon road frame, ideal for riders looking for a very light and affordable bike that guarantees great performance. The Velocite Geos frame is at par with the other top lightweight frames. But what makes it stand out is its unique construction.

Front end stability is guaranteed by its full carbon BB30 shell and an asymmetric 1.5” headtube. Along with the reduced weight and increased stiffness at the mechanical contact points, the Velocite Geos also takes pride in its unique sloping design and a compact rear triangle.

A standard full carbon seat post helps maximize comfort during tough rides. Ideal for climbing, the 2011 Velocite Geos Full Carbon Road Frame features sloping geometry that exposes most of the seat post so it dampens vibration very efficiently.

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2011 R230 Competition Road Frame

2011 r230 competition road frame   2011 R230 Competition Road Frame

The 2011 R230 Competition Road Frame, put out by Lynskey Performance Designs, is ideal for aggressive all-day rides and competitions. With its semi-compact geometry, riders enjoy excellent stand-over height and its riding position on long and demanding outings.

Do-all and multifunctional, the 2011 R230 Competition Road Frame is packed with features that make it super stiff but still comfortable. Confident handling is achieved through the outstanding stiffness derived from the oversized downtube. Stiffness and comfort are balanced by its competition-tuned rear triangle. Still maintaining its cycling performance, seat stays are curved and ovalized to help comfort. While bi-axially ovalized downtube improves bottom bracket stiffness, power transfer is also enhanced.

To further optimize comfort, the road frame’s main triangle features force-specific shaping. This strengthens the bottom bracket and front end allowing outstanding acceleration, climbing and high-speed stability. The chain stays are oversized to boost lateral rigidity. For easy access, it…

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