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2011 Whyte Cambridge Commuter Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Whyte Cambridge Commuter Road Bike

2011 whyte cambridge commuter road bike   2011 Whyte Cambridge Commuter Road Bike

Whyte offers high-speed stability and slow-speed maneuverability with its very stylish hybrid road bike released for 2011 called Cambridge. The high-speed stability is achieved through its long wheelbase and relaxed head angle while the slow-speed maneuverability is offered by its shorter stem.

Though lightweight, the 6061 Hydro Formed T6 frame is extremely strong. To clear the way for any required mudguards or rack, the rear hydraulic disc brake caliper is mounted inside the rear triangle by the custom rear dropout. Its carbon front fork improves ride quality and absorbs road vibrations.

Superb and versatile, the 2011 Whyte Cambridge Commuter Road Bike tackles general riding, fast commuting, and fitness very well. While puncture resistant Maxxis Detonator tires made the bike superbly durable, the uniquely profiled rear stays offer outstanding comfort and responsiveness.

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2011 Cervelo P4 Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Cervelo P4 Road Bike

2011 cervelo p4 road bike   2011 Cervelo P4 Road Bike

One advanced time trial and triathlon machine this 2011 is the Cervelo P4 Road Bike. This highly performing bike is designed with serious triathletes in mind. With the same fit, geometry, handling, and stiffness the Carvelo P3 has, the revamped P4 is even made faster.

Included in its design philosophy is an excellent attention to detail. Some UCI technical restrictions are challenged while drag of key components are decreased by the integration of drink carrier to the functioning aerodynamic bike.

Extremely aerodynamic, the 2011 Cervelo P4 Road Bike guarantees light weight and speed that professional racers need. A comfortable, smooth, and swift ride are offered by the Cervelo P4 FK25 carbon frame that features a Smartwall Carbon fork, deep front wheel, and rear disc wheel.

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2011 Kestrel RT 1000 SL 105 Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Kestrel RT 1000 SL 105 Road Bike

2011 kestrel rt 1000 sl 105 road bike   2011 Kestrel RT 1000 SL 105 Road Bike

Perfectly combining comfort, light weight, and performance, the 2011Kestrel RT 1000 SL 105 Road Bike is a reliable machine. Shimano 105-equipped, the Kestrel RT 1000 can surely deliver for both road race and triathlon. With internal cable routings, the bike has superior aerodynamics and a neat look.

Along with the very stiff head tube and bottom bracket, the 800k carbon frame rear stays and fork are designed to soak up most road shock. With sculptured, H-shape seat stays, the frame maximizes comfort while it minimizes road vibrations. Vittoria Zaffiro Pro tires allows great responsiveness and traction.

Excellent features of the bike include reliable braking power and crisp and precise gear changes with solid and responsive handling. Thanks to its Shimano and Oval components. Indeed, the 2011 Kestrel RT 1000 SL 105 Road Bike is elastic and receptive enough to provide an enjoyable ride.

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2012 Pinarello Rokh Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Pinarello Rokh Road Bike

2012 pinarello rokh road bike   2012 Pinarello Rokh Road Bike

Pinarello has launched a road bike for 2012 called Rokh. Manufactured with balanced value and performance, the Rokh is claimed to be a full on race-ready machine. Along with the Pinarello’s 12K carbon used in the frame are the well-formed Onda forks.

Greatly designed, the frame is said to be a combination of the Kobh’s somewhat longer chainstays and relaxed geometry and the Quattro’s race worthiness. Such reliable features enable the bike to tackle any crits when needed.

From higher-end race machines, the 2012 Pinarello Rokh Road Bike uses the asymmetric frame designs. Aside from the the Movistar Team Replica paint scheme option, two kits will be offered, which are Sram Force and Shimano Ultegra both with excellent component specs.

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2011 Basso Laguna Ultegra Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Basso Laguna Ultegra Road Bike

2011 basso laguna ultegra road bike   2011 Basso Laguna Ultegra Road Bike

A nicely specced Italian road bike for 2011 is the Basso Laguna Ultegra Road Bike. With the Ultegra-based transmission, the Laguna is one of the more competitive road bikes in its price category. Superb components include a Shimano Ultegra 10 speed groupset and MicroTech’s Krium Elite wheelset.

With a very light frame and wheels, the road bike offers a buoyant ride feel along with great comfort in the saddle. The new compact race design of the monocoque T700 3k carbon fiber frame makes the bike an excellent modern racing and sports bike.

Aesthetics and performance are combined by the design of the 2011 Basso Laguna Ultegra Road Bike. Along with the slim and bold frame shape is the bike’s innovative design that is beneficial both to the bike’s overall style and technical value of the frame.

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2011 Carrera TDF Ltd Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Carrera TDF Ltd Road Bike

2011 carrera tdf ltd road bike   2011 Carrera TDF Ltd Road Bike

Carrera has released a limited edition of a road bike called TDF this 2011. Whether the miles of routes are in the rural or urban areas, this road bike guarantees a pleasant ride free of glitches. Included in its excellent components are its full Shimano drivetrain with 16-speed ST-2300 shift and brake levers.

Perfect for the Carrera TDF, which is a tough bike made to last, is a frame that is strong but lightweight and comes with double wall alloy rims that reinforces wheel strength. The solid 36-spoke wheels are very dependable. While road riding, the road racing 700c x 23c tires are controlled and quick rolling.

In all conditions, the 2011 Carrera TDF Ltd Road Bike features reliable braking performance, thanks to the Tektro dual pivot brake calipers. With a bladed fork, the 6061 aluminum frame features durability and low weight, offering a more effortless and speedier ride….

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2011 Yeti SB-66

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Yeti SB 66

2011 yeti sb 66   2011 Yeti SB 66

Yeti bikes has officially released new details regarding their latest addition to their long line of super trail bikes in the form of the new 2011 Yeti SB-66.

The new bike features the latest technology called Switch technology, a new bike technology that utilizes a dual link design that improves the rider’s pedaling power while at the same time still giving the rider the comfort that they would need during downhill and uphill trail.

So how exactly will the new technology work for the Yeti SB-66? The dual link tech moves the lower pivot of the bike’s swing arm to help continually move it throughout the ride. From the normal position, the dual link revolves counter clockwise together with the axle, which initially moves backwards.

Changing the shock midstroke helps flatten the leverage ration slightly, which in turn provides a responsive feeling while in control. Moving the dual link system past midstroke…

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