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2012 Campagnolo Eurus Road Bike Wheels

2012 campagnolo eurus road bike wheels   2012 Campagnolo Eurus Road Bike Wheels

Along with the Shamal Ultra, one of the two wheelsets updated by Campagnolo for 2012 is the Eurus. The new Eurus road bike wheels will be available in clincher and two-way fit versions, which are both highlighted with the new black and white graphics from Campagnolo.

On the rear wheel, the Eurus features an oversized drive side flange, just like the Shamal Ultra. Through this, both the responsiveness of the wheels as well as the overall bike performance are improved. Both models use Mega G3 geometry for optimum spoke tension and more durability.

Featuring aluminum hub bodies, the 2012 Campagnolo Eurus Road Bike Wheels offer an enhanced stiffness. Moreover, its steel ball bearings ensure an enduring performance and are easier to maintain and more adjustable, thanks to its cup and cone system.

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2012 Specialized CruX Elite Road Bike

2012 specialized crux elite road bike   2012 Specialized CruX Elite Road Bike

Dubbed as a cross beast, the CruX Elite from Specialized is one of the best road bikes for 2012. Aside from its race-optimized geometry, other excellent features including its internal cable routing and stiffness-to-weight ratio.

Featured by its cross racing-specific E5 alloy frame are a tapered head tube, an ultra-tough OSBB, and an integrated headset. Shouldering is facilitated by its shaped top tube while incredible riding and racing speed in different conditions and all-around CX tread is offered by its Tracer tires.

Even through the cruelest courses, the 2012 Specialized CruX Elite Road Bike guarantees maximum power. To tackle rough terrains well, stiffness, strength, and compliance are perfectly balanced by the Fact carbon fork with a tapered steerer.

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2012 Focus Izalco Ergoride and Donna Road Bikes

2012 focus izalco ergoride and donna road bikes   2012 Focus Izalco Ergoride and Donna Road Bikes

Overhauled for 2012 is the carbon fiber road bike line by Focus, which introduces two new alternatives called the Izalco Ergoride and Donna to join the pro-level choice, Izalco. Featuring an all-new frame, the Izalco Ergoride has a drastically sloping top tube and internal cable routing.

Cable replacement is easier for the new Izalco Ergoride as it is complete with channeling. A dedicated design replaced the 3T fork up front from the earlier model providing the front end with a greater integration. Elbowed in, its all-carbon dropouts increase the seatstay length to add flex and comfort.

For women riders, the Donna road bike is the new machine. It will be available in three models, which includes the Shimano 105 3.0 and the Shimano Dura-Ace 1.0. Equally high-quality, both the 2012 Focus Izalco Ergoride and Donna Road Bikes guarantee an ultimate road riding experience.

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2012 Scott Foil R2 Aero Road Bike

2012 scott foil r2 aero road bike   2012 Scott Foil R2 Aero Road Bike

Newly released by Scott for 2012 is an aero road bike called Foil R2. With F01 technology, the bike is designed with a partial airfoil shape to create the same aerodynamic gain as a customary foil shape without the trailing edge.

Moreover, the F01 technology provided the Foil R2 with unique bicycle-specific tube shapes that boost aerodynamic efficiency at a lower air velocity. This aero bike nicely combines the HMF versoon Foil frame with reasonably priced components from Ultegra.

Offering the ideal balance of aerodynamics, stiffness, and light weight, the 2012 Scott Foil R2 Aero Road Bike is one of the most advanced road racing bikes on the market today. Aside from road race geometry, other features include an integrated carbon dropout, standard seat tube, and carbon steerer.

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2012 Norco Valence Road Bike

2012 norco valence road bike   2012 Norco Valence Road Bike

Norco has released a lot of exciting bikes for 2012, one of which is the Valence Road Bike. The Valence is designed for road riders who join Grand Fondos and charity rides instead of racing. While it is a high performance machine, its setup and position are more comfortable than those of a pure road race bike.

The new proprietary frame is designed to offer high performance with compliance for road vibration. Making the Valence a precise steering machine bike is a stiff chassis formed with an oversized downtube, a tapered headtube, oversized headset, and a proprietary full carbon fork.

Nicely refined and engineered, the 2012 Norco Valence Road Bike is an aluminum machine that comes with vibration-damping Applied Road Compliance (ARC) seatstays. It offers a beginner-friendly upright ride position and smooth inner surface, achieved through the EPS (ethyl polystyrene) mandrel system.

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2012 Cervelo S5 Aero Road Bike

2012 cervelo s5 aero road bike   2012 Cervelo S5 Aero Road Bike

Cervelo has released a new aero road bike for 2012 called S5. Compared to the S3, the S5 design offers 12% greater stiffness. While a curved seat tube is integrated with tucked rear wheel from their TT bikes, the fit and geometry reflects those of the S3s so it works well for normal riding and racing.

Its smooth frame hardly registers beyond the frontal profile of the tire. Keeping the shift cable loops concealed. Moreover, the seatstays were engineered to partly hide the rear brake from the airflow.

Designed to be the most aerodynamically efficient bike possible, the 2012 Cervelo S5 Aero Road Bike guarantees top performance. While the downtube maximizes aerodynamics, the S5 frame also features amazing stiffness, ride quality, and incredible speed.

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2012 Bianchi Impulso Road Bike

2012 bianchi impulso road bike   2012 Bianchi Impulso Road Bike

As the only new road bike from Bianchi for 2012, the Impulso is an exciting machine to watch for. Aside from its good looks, the bike also guarantees a stable ride. Weld texture is removed from the headtube making the increased front end stiffness smoother and prettier.

Its Triple Hydroformed frame features hydroformed top and head tubes, welded and combined together into a monocoque structure before a second hydroforming process. The bike’s components include FSA cockpit, Shimano Ultegra gray compact drivetrain, Hutchinson tires, and Fulcrum wheels.

A part of the long distance C2C Coast 2 Coast lineup, the 2012 Bianchi Impulso Road Bike has both positive and negative aspects. While the ride and handling are stiff and stable, the heavy wheel and kit tends to give dull responses.

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