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2012 English Cycles Di2 Special Road Bike

2012 english cycles di2 special road bike   2012 English Cycles Di2 Special Road Bike

New from English Cycles for 2012 is a road bike called Di2 Special. Actually, the bike practically shows no Di2 hints since it has no controller box, visible battery, and wires. A custom stem was built to house the control box underneath since it is cable-tied to the brake cables, making it look like an extra.

From the stem to the derailleurs, running the Di2 cables entirely inside is enabled by arranging the headset arrangement upside down. An Icarus custom internal battery is used by the hidden battery, featuring a micro-USB charging port that is minimally incorporated straight into the frame.

Weighing in at less than 6.8kg, the 2012 English Cycles Di2 Special Road Bike is incredibly complete with Retro Sweet Wings steel cranks. With Columbus aero downtube and custom-butted ovalized seattube, the frame has signature features like its thin wishbone seatstays as well as True Temper S3 chainstays….

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2012 Pinarello FP Quattro Shimano Ultegra Road Bike with Onda FPK1 Fork

2012 pinarello fp quattro shimano ultegra road bike with onda fpk1 fork   2012 Pinarello FP Quattro Shimano Ultegra Road Bike with Onda FPK1 Fork

Designed with female roadies in mind, the FP Quattro Shimano Ultegra is a road bike released by Pinarello for 2012, which features the new Onda FPK1 fork. On the fork crown is a 1 1/8” – 1 1/2” coning, which significantly enhances safety and rigidity.

Pinarello LAB has developed an iCR internal cable routing system that features asymmetric rear stays. The FP Quattro Shimano Ultegra used this new system as well as an oversized bottom bracket called Most(R) Croxover, which is tried and tested.

All the qualities female roadies are looking for in a bike are offered by the 2012 Pinarello FP Quattro Shimano Ultegra Road Bike with Onda FPK1 Fork. Thanks to its high-quality frame and fork, geometries, and asymmetric tubes. In a size 54, the frame weighs in at 1100g.

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2012 Kona Zing Supreme Road Bike

2012 kona zing supreme road bike   2012 Kona Zing Supreme Road Bike

For 2012, Kona Bikes has collaborated with Dedacciai, a well-known Italian road frame maker, to create spanking new custom carbon fiber road bikes, one of which is the Zing Supreme. In terms of geometry, shape, and features, this road bike is designed to offer superior performance.

Along with the no-frill Kona Carbon Race monocoque frame and full-carbon monocoque fork by Dedacciai, the King Zing also features a Shimano 105 group as well as Mavic Aksium wheels. This classic road-angle racing bike guarantees an incredibly light ride with much comfort and confidence.

Aside from being lightweight, the 2012 Kona Zing Supreme Road Bike is also responsive, stable, and fast. This is the perfect machine for riders who want to speed up their pace on the road. While the fork weighs in at 400g, the 53, 56, and 59 frames weigh 1200g, 1260g and 1300g respectively.

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2012 Kona King Zing Carbon Fiber Road Bike

2012 kona king zing carbon fiber road bike   2012 Kona King Zing Carbon Fiber Road Bike

Newly introduced by Kona Bikes for 2012 is a brand new carbon fiber road bike called King Zing. Although Kona Bikes started as a mountain bike company and became famous as such, this company also consists of roadies, so the design of the King Zing is definitely well thought out.

Manufactured by Dedacciai in Italy, the King Zing utilizes spinned stays that are custom in design. At a reasonable price for the road bike, its component specs are quite solid. These specs include Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheelset and mostly Ultrega drivetrain.

Though created by a mountain bike company, the 2012 Kona King Zing Carbon Fiber Road Bike is carefully designed for serious roadies. Featured by its front end are a tapered head tube, inset headset, and full carbon monocoque fork, enabling the bike to tackle harsh roads and track with speed.

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2012 Rock Racing RX5Ri Road Bike

2012 rock racing rx5ri road bike   2012 Rock Racing RX5Ri Road Bike

After its hiatus, the Rock Racing company has been revived by its owner, Roberto Tronconi, in partnership with the R&D and production manager, Michael Ball. For 2012, the company will be offering a line up of road bikes with three models, and the top of the line model is the RX5Ri.

Different shapes are used by the tubes in the entire frame for maximum stiffness and ride adjustments. Features include Shimano PressFit 86 Bottom bracket, integrated seat mast, and asymmetric seat tube. Since it is handmade, the RX5Ri will be available not only in six stock sizes but also in custom sizes.

Handmade in Italy, the 2012 Rock Racing RX5Ri Road Bike is constructed with a Nomex honeycomb sandwiched with carbon. Aside from making this well thought out road bike incredibly strong, these materials decrease vibration to near zero, as well, as claimed by Rock Racing.

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2012 BMC Streetracer SR01 105 Compact Road Bike

2012 bmc streetracer sr01 105 compact road bike   2012 BMC Streetracer SR01 105 Compact Road Bike

Designed for fitness and racing, the new Streetracer SR01 105 from BMC Bikes is one of the most coveted compact road bikes on the market today. As a highly innovative machine, this road bike uses the most advanced technology for aluminum frames.

Along with innovative features of the BMC Street Racer SR01 frame is an impressive aesthetics for the stylish rider. Moreover, amazing comfort and reliability are offered by the Selle Royal Seta Saddle, Shimano 105 components, and Easton EA30 stem, handlebar, and seat post.

Aside from being a performance-oriented bike, the 2012 BMC Streetracer SR01 105 Compact Road Bike is also very light and suitable for all budgets. No wonder this is the bike sought by riders who are fitness-oriented and those who are new to the racing world.

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2012 All-City Space Horse Rugged Road Bike

2012 all city space horse rugged road bike   2012 All City Space Horse Rugged Road Bike

For those who are looking for a unique cycling machine, a new rugged road bike named Space Horse has been released by All-City Cycles. This machine is provided with a cantis, rack, and fender so it is guaranteed to be versatile, as well.

According to All-City, the Space Horse is designed to be a lightweight road bike that carries small cargos and travels with amazing speed. Hence, the bike is categorized neither as an all-out road bike nor a tour bike; rather, this bike is somewhere in between.

Not only is the 2012 All-City Space Horse Rugged Road Bike speedy and good-looking, it is proven to be terrain friendly as well. As a complete bike, the Space Horse will be available in nice orange while as a frameset, it will be available in blue.

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