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2012 Planet X N2a Aero Road Bike

2012 planet x n2a aero road bike   2012 Planet X N2a Aero Road Bike

For the first time, Planet X has released an aero road bike. Called N2a, this road bike is the top-of-the-line model of this British bike brand’s 2012 range. Featured by its high-modulus carbon fiber frame, which weighs in at a 950g, are some all-new, aero-tuned forms.

N2A stands for Nanolite, which is the existing performance-orientated carbon road bike of Planet X, it being the second generation, and its aerodynamic feature. Crafted by an Italian frame builder and bike designer, this carbon N2A is a drastic overhaul of the Nanolite.

Drivetrain stiffness is enhanced by the 2012 Planet X N2a Aero Road Bike while keeping weight low, thanks to its press-fit BB30 bottom bracket and seamless blending of the huge down tube into the head tube. Complete specs include SRAM Red, carbon components, and Planet X R50 carbon wheels.

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2012 Jerónimo Cycles cZar Fe Road Bike

2012 jeronimo cycles czar fe road bike   2012 Jerónimo Cycles cZar Fe Road Bike

New for riders who are fond of road bikes is the cZar from the Fe series introduced by Jerónimo Cycles for 2012. This Spanish company used high-end Reynolds 853 tubing in order to build this unique road bike, which will be released in a limited number of 50 units only.

Featured by the Fe series is an excellent geometry and impressive technical specifications. Fe, which means iron, stands for the new venture of Jerónimo Cycles in steel for 2012. The frames made in Spain will be provided either with a rigid steel fork or individually. It will be available in three sizes.

Built from steel, the 2012 Jerónimo Cycles Fe cZar Road Bike is amazingly flexible and robust. Since it does not build up fatigue, the bike frame offers legendary reliability and resistance. Its steel material also makes this road bike an ideal choice for classical and purist riders.

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2012 Kona Zing Deluxe Road Bike

2012 kona zing deluxe road bike   2012 Kona Zing Deluxe Road Bike

Skillfully designed by Kona Bikes, the new Zing Deluxe is one of the newest and most coveted road bikes for 2012. While incorporating the geometry from some of the former Kona road bikes, it gets some new tube shaping with the use of the Kona Race Light 7005 Superplastic-formed tubes.

Along with these highly efficient and lightweight tubes is a Dedacciai carbon fork, making a great component package. With these carefully selected specs, the Zing Deluxe offers a great value without compromising quality. Also, its Kona Race Light 7005 Aluminum Butted frame is nicely painted with green.

Comfort and speed are perfectly balanced by the 2012 Kona Zing Deluxe Road Bike, thanks to its excellent road geometry. In particular, this machine is designed for beginners who are just about to enter the world of road bike cycling.

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2012 Rock Racing X-3Si and RX4Si Road Bike Frames

2012 rock racing x 3si and rx4si road bike frames   2012 Rock Racing X 3Si and RX4Si Road Bike Frames

Two of the new exciting road bike frames released by Rock Racing for 2012 are the X-3Si and RX4Si. While the X-3Si uses a combination of T800 and 3K carbon, the RX4Si utilizes a mix of T800 frame and a 1K weave carbon outer lamination.

Both the 2012 Rock Racing X-3Si and RX4Si Road Bike Frames weigh in at 1000g. For the X-3Si frame, custom sizes and Di2 wiring ports are optional while a seat mast is not available. It also gets an external cable routing as well as a little less shaped frame.

On the other hand, the standard version of the RX4Si frame comes with an internal brake and shift cable runs. For this frame, custom sizes are available while Di2 wiring ports and an integrated seat mast are offered as upgrades, as well.

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2012 Moda Legato Cyclocross Road Bike

2012 moda legato cyclocross road bike   2012 Moda Legato Cyclocross Road Bike

Moda Bikes, a UK based company, has provided the cycling industry with the finest bikes and frames of various riding styles for 2012. For cyclocross riders, its newest product is the Legato. This road bike is stable enough to handle a range of terrains effortlessly.

Making the Legato highly capable of tackling the blows of cyclocross riding is its American Classic wheelset. Comfort and strength are further enhanced by the high-modulus carbon fork that allows the Legato to tackle off-road conditions with excellent performance.

While light in weight, the triple butted 7005 series aluminum frame of the 2012 Moda Legato Cyclocross Road Bike offers amazing strength. The Legato is not available with pedals, so it is recommended that clipless pedals are used, which are common for cyclocross machines.

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2012 Stevens Stratos Road Bike

2012 stevens stratos road bike   2012 Stevens Stratos Road Bike

Stevens Bikes has introduced its fastest and sportiest machine to date for 2012. The new Stratos is a state-of-the-art road bike that has an extraordinary electronic gearshift but is still amazingly inexpensive even if the surcharge for the exceptionally lightweight THM front fork is included.

Highlights of the technical aspects of the Stratos include the comfortable and stiff tapered steerer fork, innovative high-end frame, carbon cable guides, and carbon dropouts. The ratio of weight to stiffness is optimized by its highly modular carbon fibers.

Excluding the fork, the carbon frame of the 2012 Stevens Stratos Road Bike weighs in at only 830g. Not only is this carbon frame very lightweight. It is also very comfortable and is one of the best carbon racing framesets in the world in terms of quality and performance.

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2012 Moda Opus Cyclocross Road Bike

2012 moda opus cyclocross road bike   2012 Moda Opus Cyclocross Road Bike

New from Moda Bikes is the Opus, which is one of the most coveted cyclocross road bikes for 2012. Not only is the Opus designed to be unique and stylish, the bike is crafted to exceed expectations of a variety of riders.

Combining its extensive knowledge and experience with assistance from UK cycling professionals, Moda Bikes designed the Opus with state-of-the-art features. Along with the new Apex group from SRAM is the American Classic Hurricane wheelset, which is tried and tested by cross riders.

With a complete high modulus LDC carbon frame and fork, the 2012 Moda Opus Cyclocross Road Bike is a wonderful race-ready carbon fiber machine. Thus, even in the worst possible conditions, the Opus is engineered and tested to perform at the maximum level.

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