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Bontrager RL Hilo Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bontrager RL Hilo Shoe

bontrager rl hilo shoe1   Bontrager RL Hilo Shoe

The Bontrager RL Hilo Shoe are lightweight, high-end triathlon shoe. It is made with a reinforced mesh upper for ventilation and a silver-level vented carbon sole that’s polished with a finish that actually reflects heat from the road. An external molded heel cup gives ventilation while preventing heel slip. They also feature an easy-to-use 2-strap closure system. The Bontrager RL Hilo Shoe is available at the Trek online store for $169.99….

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Bontrager RL Thermal Sock

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bontrager RL Thermal Sock

bontrager rl thermal sock   Bontrager RL Thermal Sock

Don’t get cold feet cycling this winter. Seriously. Its cold and wet out there. Get yourself some Bontrager RL Thermal Socks and protect your feet while you face the cold. They are made with polypropylene fabric with mesh on the upper foot, which wicks away moisture and keeps your feet dry. The Achilles tendon is a very sensitive an important part of the foot, and the Bontrager RL Thermal Socks gives them extra cushioning with CoolMax performance fabric. The Bontrager RL Thermal Socks retail for $18.99, and you can buy them at the Trek online store….

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