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Rigida Taurus 2000 2009 Rims

rigida taurus 2000 2009 rims   Rigida Taurus 2000 2009 Rims

The Rigida Taurus 2000 2009 Rims are neither heavy nor super light, but they are strong. To make things even better, the Rigida Taurus 2000 2009 Rims are available in both 32- and 36- spoke versions, with stainless steel spoke eyelets. The freedom of choice goes even further with the ability to use either Schrader tube valves or Presta-style tube valves. You can also choose between standard or tubeless wheels. The Rigida Taurus 2000 2009 Rims are retailing for $28.96.

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Velocity Mountain Bike Rims

velocity mountain bike rims 1   Velocity Mountain Bike Rims

Velocity unveiled some new mountain bike rims at Interbike 2009. They are called the P35, or Pacenti 35, co-designed by Kirk Pacenti. The rims are super wide at 35 mm, which provides stiffness as well as grip in the rough terrain. The P35 was designed for a tubeless tire. The Pacenti 35 comes in black, white, silver, red, and antifreeze green. There is also a faux wood model.

Here are the specs of the P35:

Outside Width: 35mm
Inside Width: 29.5mm
Depth: 22mm

29”: 595g
650b: 570g
26”: 535g

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