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2012 Velocity Alloy Rims

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Velocity Alloy Rims

2012 velocity alloy rims   2012 Velocity Alloy Rims
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Velocity, along with its founder Tom Black, is moving from Australia to Florida in 2012. This move makes history as Velocity becomes the only alloy rim built in the United States. In 2011, Velocity is still currently making its rims in Australia but it will stop its production in Brisbane before the year ends.

But starting in February, 2012, Velocity will make alloy rims in Jacksonville, Florida. As the only aluminum rims in the cycling industry that are U.S. produced, these rims are expected to be engineered with state-of-the-art quality to meet the demands of riders not only in the US but worldwide, as well.

It is foreseen that the 2012 Velocity Alloy Rims will not only become a pioneer of such cycling products in the US. More importantly, it is the objective of the company to become a leader in terms of quality, creativity, and customization,…

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Enve 29er Rims

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Enve 29er Rims

2011 enve 29er rims   Enve 29er Rims

With aUniversal Standard for Tubeless (UST) certification, Enve Composites has proudly launched their new big-wheel XC rims this 2011. Enve offers great reasons to go 29er while more and more cyclists are choosing to go tubeless on mountain bikes.

This is why the XC Clinchers were also made tubeless, compatible by Enve, which takes pride in its record as the first to launch a full line of carbon clinchers particularly designed for dirt use. Also, weight is not compromised as a progression of structural modifications boosts strength and stiffness.

Thanks to the Molded Spoke Hole Technology and the goal of optimizing composites for all off-road riding and racing aspects, the 2011 Enve 29er Rims, which are available in 28 or 32 hole count, offer higher spoke tensions and more durable wheel builds.

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2011 Schwalbe Black Shark 26”x2.25” Casing

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Schwalbe Black Shark 26”x2.25” Casing

2011 schwalbe black shark 26x2.25 casing   2011 Schwalbe Black Shark 26”x2.25” Casing

In wire type and made of quality flexible material, the 2011 Schwalbe Black Shark Casing has a shield density of 50 EPI. Weighing in at approximately 820g or 29 oz., its casing is suitable for cross-country due to its aggressively designed rubber material and effectiveness in fending off puncture. Pressure is 2.0 to 4.0 Bar. The Schwalbe Black Shark casing comes in black, with utmost reliability.

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New Mach-1 MTB Rims

pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Mach 1 MTB Rims

new mach 1 mtb rims   New Mach 1 MTB Rims

Mach-1 has unveiled their latest MTB rims, the X-LITE DISC 26” and the NEO DISC 26″, for the coming season. These models are made out of a special alloy 6063T6 and black adonized at 15 microns thickness, which provides more rigidity and strength to the rim profile.

The X-LITE DISC 26” is a cross country model at 17C standard that weighs 410g, including eyelets. The NEO DISC 26” is an all mountain rim at 19C standard that weighs at 450g, also including eyelets.

The large sticker graphic found on the model sums up the high value of the wheel, complementing the whole actual frame design. This sticker is automatically applied through the use of advance technology that needs no operators to perform such task.

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Zipp 808 Rims 2011

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Zipp 808 Rims 2011

zipp 808 rims 300x199   Zipp 808 Rims 2011Eurobike revealed Zipp‘s new rims for 2011, the 808. It features the Firecrest profile which first appeared on the 404 clincher. The Zipp 808 rims has wide walls and blunt inner rim wall. The airflow is kept close to the wheel and goes out on the wheel’s path for better airflow. It also has a wide tire bed so matching it with 23c tubular tires is easy. This results to better road impact and resistance.

The Zipp 808 rims has carbon clincher version with similar features as with its tubular counterpart. The weight for Zipp 808 tubular rims are 1519g. The carbon clincher weighs 1759g. It also has clincher wheels with aluminum braking which weighs 1912g. Pricing for the rims are $2500 (tubular), $2950 (carbon clincher) and $2500 (aluminum braking surfaces).

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Leader x Velocity x Mike Giant x Bikes on Wheels – Frames, Rims, Completes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Leader x Velocity x Mike Giant x Bikes on Wheels   Frames, Rims, Completes

leader velocity mike giant bikes on wheels frames rims completes   Leader x Velocity x Mike Giant x Bikes on Wheels   Frames, Rims, Completes

Add Mike Giant, Bikes on Wheels, Leader, plus Velocity rims, and what do you get? Some custom art work you can ride.

Although the frames and rims were already on display for the Bicycle Film Festival on August 18th at Mascot, 1267 Queen St. W in Park dale, you still have a chance to check them out (here), and purchase since they are being auctioned off. As you can see, many of the frames feature an array of colors, while the first complete offering is simple.

The first Mike Giant x Leader to auction features white/black colorway, Velocity rims, Paul cranks and hubs, Thompson stem and seat post, and Soma drop bars. Starting bid is $4,000! Check out the rest of the images below.

Source: BikesOnWheels

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Velocity x Halo Reflective Rims

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Velocity x Halo Reflective Rims

velocity halo reflective rims   Velocity x Halo Reflective Rims

Velocity came together with Halo Coatings to offer a new addition to the already popular rims, known as the Halo Reflective Rims. Made from a durable powder coating, it looks like graphite but when the sun or light reflects, the rim glistens a bright white.

Floating in the liquid powder coat is millions of microscopic glass beads that hit the surface of the rim, this is how the light reflects off.

Mashing style and safety, the Velocity Halo reflective rims are hand built, and are available online and at bike stores with a Velocity account.

Velocity offers the Halo reflective on the following rims: Deep V (Machined/Non Machined), B43 (Non Machined), Fusion (Machined/Non Machined), Aerohat (Machined/Non Machined), Dyad (Machined/Non Machined), and Cliffhanger (Machined/Non Machined).

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