2012 marin rift zone xc7 29er full suspension mountain bike   2012 Marin Rift Zone XC7 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike

A new 29er full-suspension mountain bike called Rift Zone XC7 has been introduced by Marin Bikes for 2012. In order to accommodate 29in wheels, the design of this mountain bike has been tweaked. This also enables the bike to roll through the woods with excellent performance.

Featuring the updated floating suspension design called the Quad 3.0 system, the Rift Zone XC7 takes Buy cheap levitra pride in its unparalleled quality. This all-new suspension platform is combined with a tough but light aluminum frame that makes this affordable race bike versatile and responsive.

Reducing the weight of the 2012 Marin Rift Zone XC7 29er Mountain Bike also reduced the amount of irrelevant material that had to be used. This was achieved by reworking the pivot points to locate closer to already reinforced areas like the bottom bracket and seat tube.

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