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2012 Ridley Excalibur Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Ridley Excalibur Road Bike

2012 ridley excalibur road bike   2012 Ridley Excalibur Road Bike

One of the best-selling race bikes for 2012 is the new road bike called Excalibur from Ridley Bikes. Weighing in at 1.1kg, the Excalibur frame is the second lightest frame ever released by Ridley. Incredible strength-to-weight ratio is offered by its head tube and full carbon dropouts.

Built from 24-ton material and 30-ton reinforcements in its high-stress spots, the frame of the Excalibur was able to save weight and price without compromising the performance and the stiffness of the bike. What gives it an outstanding flex resistance and acceleration is its oversized tubing.

While substantially reducing weight, the 2012 Ridley Excalibur Road Bike has an increased lateral stiffness, thanks to its hollow bottom bracket technology. Riders enjoy optimal comfort on the road due to the flex seat stays of the bike.

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2012 Ridley X-Night Carbon Fiber Cyclocross Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Ridley X Night Carbon Fiber Cyclocross Bike

2012 ridley x night carbon fiber cyclocross bike   2012 Ridley X Night Carbon Fiber Cyclocross Bike

For cyclocross riders who are looking for an affordable but reliable bike, one excellent choice is the X-Night reintroduced by Ridley Bikes for 2012. This award-winning carbon fiber cyclocross bike weighs in at an incredibly 7.26kg and comes complete with high-quality components.

Built from a monocoque frame, the X-Night offers maximum strength and reliable resistance to impact and torsional flex. This hardcore cyclocross bike has a 4Za Oryx carbon fiber fork and a tapered steerer that features a 1.5″ lower bearing and a larger crown, which lessens flex in the steering system.

The 2012 Ridley X-Night Carbon Fiber Cyclocross Bike offers a strength-to-weight ratio that traditional round tubes cannot match, thanks to its unique Sharp Edge Design tubing configurations. Its CNC’ed dropout design uses an incredibly stiff bolt-on dropout that offers excellent telepathic rear shifting.

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2011 Ridley Excalibur Flandrien

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ridley Excalibur Flandrien

2011 ridley excalibur flandrien   2011 Ridley Excalibur Flandrien

For Ridley, the 2011 Excalibur Flandrien is not a newcomer to the racing scene but stands out among its sister models as a lightweight frame with a high performance record. The Excalibur Flandrien frame is made from a 30 and 24-ton high modulus carbon fiber. It comes with a certain roundness on its tubing, oversized to have the maximum stiffness to weight ratio.

Its hollow bottom bracket technology saves weight and gives an increase on the lateral stiffness of the frame. For a comfortable ride even with uneven roads and rocky trails, the flex seat stays are increased. The race bike also features carbon rear drop outs and a full carbon head tube to keep the weight off. Matched with the 4ZA Excalibur full monocoque carbon fork, the 2011 Excalibur Flandrien is an aggressive choice for any rider.

The frameset is priced at $1995 while build kits of SRAM Red,…

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2011 Ridley Phaeton T Triathlon Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ridley Phaeton T Triathlon Bike

The Phaeton T for 2011 from Ridley is coming out with a new aero hydroformed seat tube and aero seat post which accommodates a 78 degrees seat angle and with a small size position seat clamp to create a maximum of 79 degrees angle forward. Its aerodynamic frame is engineered and designed with the 7005 triple butted tubal aluminum. The R-surface paint technology treatment allows it to break up the air by 3% that comes off the spinning wheel as it reduces the drag flow.

2011 Ridley Phaeton T also features its 4ZA Sphinx full carbon fork. It has the R- Flow jet foils which decreases the drag 5.5% of the spinning spokes which generates turbulence around the wheel. The triathlon specific geometry design of the Phaeton T is well suited for the new riders of the triathlon who are looking for the perfect aero riding position and comfort.

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2011 Ridley Noah RS Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ridley Noah RS Road Bike

2011 ridley noah rs   2011 Ridley Noah RS Road Bike

For 2011, Ridley from Belgium comes out with the Noah RS road bike. It features the R-flow technology as with the flagship model Noah. The R-Flow Jet fork reduces the turbulent air hitting the spokes, therefore reducing drag by 6.4%. The Noah RS also has the R-Surface paint technology which increases the laminar flow to decrease the drag flow by 3.6% as well strategically positioned at the headtube, downtube and seat tube.

The 2011 Noah RD also features a 1 1/8” straight untapered headtube and maintains the same geometry as the Noah. It has adjustable seatpost and traditional seat stays. The fork is house brand 4ZA Sphinx full carbon.

The frame is made from 30 and 24-ton high modulus carbon fiber material with reduced diameter and size of the tube to make it lighter. The full Monocoque frame with internal cable routing will be spec’d with SRAM Force and Fulcrum Racing…

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2011 Ridley Cyclocross Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ridley Cyclocross Bikes

updated cyclocross ridley bikes 1 300x195   2011 Ridley Cyclocross BikesRidley updates its cyclocross bikes for July 2011, the X-Night, X-Fire, X-Ride and Crossbow.

The X-Night has a high modulus carbon frame and a 4ZA Oryx full carbon monocoque fork. With an oversized BB30 bottom bracket shell, it has increased lateral stiffness and reduced q-factor. With an inch and a half lower head tube and fork crown, it also features mudless tube technology applicable to the fork and seat stays.

The X-Night has fully integrated Kevlar cable guides and a CNC design to keep the rear derailleur in place when the wheel is on collision with other objects along the ride. A new housing makes sure that the cable is safe from mud. It runs inside the seatstay towards the derailleur. It also has an integrated seatmast and a 34.9 front derailleur clamp. Offered in white, the X-Night comes with SRAM Red components, Avid Shorty Ultimates and Fulcrum Racing…

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Ridley Dean RS 2011

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ridley Dean RS 2011

ridley dean rs 2011 300x200   Ridley Dean RS 2011Ridley introduces the Dean RS for 2011 as a middle ground for its current bike models which includes an aluminum triathlon bike for $2,000 and a high end bike called the Dean for $5,000 or so. The Dean RS has a price tag of $3,000 for a carbon bike with conservative triathlon-aimed geometry. The Dean RS would be marketed to meet the needs of triathletes and for cyclists who likes riding in an upright position.

To be available in March 2011, the new Ridley bike has forks which feature the X-Stream. This allows the fork to redirect airflow away from the spinning wheel. The overall look is similar to the Dean. With round seatstays and vertical dropouts, the Dean RS has five sizes you can choose from. It has a Profile Design T2+ aerobars to lift the rider more upright when cycling.

The Dean RS is equipped with SRAM…

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