pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Red Bull Ride + Style Fixed Gear Event

2012 red bull ride style fixed gear event   2012 Red Bull Ride + Style Fixed Gear Event

After its success in 2011, the Ride + Style Fixed Gear Event will be hosted by Red Bull in Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco on April 28, 2012. Joining last year’s partners, SF Bike Coalition and Oakley, are Specialized Bicycles, SolRepublic, and Chrome Bags.

For the 2011 event, over 50 of the most stylish and fastest fixed gear riders in the world were invited to participate, including those from New York, San Francisco, Japan, and Portland.
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For 2012, non-invited riders are given an opportunity to qualify for the event’s track portion on April 26 at the Red Bull Minidrome. Top 15 will be invited to compete against 2011’s best ten riders. Also, top artists like APEX, Chor Boogie, Jet Martinez, and Max Ehrman have collaborated to redesign the course both for fixed freestyle…

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