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Rickshaw Zero Messenger Tweed Bags

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rickshaw Zero Messenger Tweed Bags

rickshaw zero messenger tweed bags   Rickshaw Zero Messenger Tweed Bags

Rickshaw Bagworks gives the Zero Messenger bag a taste of tweed! Inspiration for the Rickshaw zero messenger tweed bags came from woolen textiles of Scotland and Ireland, a dash of British royalty, and a well known Scotland Yard detective.

All the tweed messenger bags are made of 100% recycled polyester, stain resistant coating, while each are high tech and eco friendly. Retail price is $80, and colors available are Earl Grey, Piccadilly, Secret Garden (green), Stout (dark brown), and Yellow Submarine.

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Commuter 2.0 from Rickshaw

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Commuter 2.0 from Rickshaw

commuter 2 0 from rickshaw 300x300   Commuter 2.0 from RickshawSan Francisco bag maker Rickshaw releases the Commuter 2.0. The bag has been upgraded to give its users better functionality and style.

The commuter messenger bag features mesh water bottle pockets with a small slash pocket built in. The front pockets are made bigger (3.8 cm deep, 40 cm wide, 24 cm tall) and the Commuter 2.0 now has a waterproof bottom to protect your bag from getting, wet, dirty and even dusty.

Rickshaw’s Commuter 2.0 can accommodate up to 15-inch laptops and the waterproof liner comes in light matte gray. At the back of the bag, there are dual zippers on the pocket for easy reach while you are on your bike.

The shoulder strap pad is now made with mesh material and to avoid scratches on your laptop, some fleece fabric is incorporated in the laptop sleeve and front pockets. New metal clips are also in place of the plastic j-clips.


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