pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Panaracer Ribmo PT Commuter Tire

2011 panaracer ribmo pt commuter tire   2011 Panaracer Ribmo PT Commuter Tire

Released for 2011 is a road-commuter’s tire from Panaracer called Ribmo. Along with the Kevlar-belted PT Puncture Resistant Technology is the All Contact Tread Shape, which pertains to the oblong-ish profile of the tire.

With such an unconventional design, the tire can accomplish four things. These include smooth and predictable transition from center to side, maintained contact with the tread, reduced tread cuts through the elongated sidewall surface, and a unique shape that caters to all riders and riding styles.

While the 2011 Panaracer Ribmo PT Commuter Tire seems to be innovative, it has some downsides. Since the tire tends to sketch, dive, surf, and drift erratically on variable riding surfaces, it does not tackle ice, snow, muck, mud, and dirt well.

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