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2011 Reynolds RZR 46, RZR 46 Team Wheels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Reynolds RZR 46, RZR 46 Team Wheels

2011 reynolds rzr 46 rzr 46 team wheels   2011 Reynolds RZR 46, RZR 46 Team Wheels

Reynolds Cycling introduces the improved RZR 46 and RZR 46 Team wheels for 2011. Now available in a tubular versions, the RZR 46 features UD laminate from 57 Msi moduls carbon fiber and 110 Msi boron fiber. It has a 21.25mm rim with rim height of 46.5mm. The RZR 46 uses Reynolds’ patented Swirl Lip Generator that guides the air to get closer to the rim as it travels over its edges. This limits airflow separation from the tire.

The RZR 46 uses N.A.C.A. (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) 0033 spokes and a Torque Flange carbon fiber hub. It weighs 910 grams and has a rider weight limit of 180 lbs.

The RZR 46 Team has the same make as with the RZR 46 but with added kevlar on the rim and spokes, making it stiffer and stronger. This is also in compliance with UCI. Ultimately it prohibits the…

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Reynolds Main Sponsor for USA Cycling

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reynolds sponsor usa cycling   Reynolds Main Sponsor for USA Cycling

USA Cycling has decided to get Reynolds Cycling to be the official sponsor and supplier for developmental programs they facilitate, both domestic and international-based activities.

The contract pertains to the supply of road, time trial and track wheels by Reynolds to the USA Cycling development programs and endurance track programs. It will cover junior, women and U23 levels. The contract is effective until 2012.

CEO Dean Gestal of Reynolds Cycling was very excited with the partnership with USA Cycling. It gives them pleasure to provide the wheel line that will help in the programs which cultivate young athletes in cycling.

CEO Steve Johnson of USA Cycling was proud to be associated with a world leader in wheels such as Reynolds Cycling. “Wheel quality is a vital factor in racing and the Reynolds partnership is another important step as we continue to strive to provide our athletes with top quality products.”

Athletes under the…

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