pinit fg en rect gray 20   Scapin Eleanor Retro Road Bike

scapin eleanor retro road bike   Scapin Eleanor Retro Road Bike

You may or may not have heard of Scapin, a Bicycle company located in Italy, but while taking a look at the new Eleanor Road Bike, you will start hearing the name much more. The Scapin Eleanor Road Bike is a retro model, meaning the main design was based off of older road bikes, but Scapin designed the Eleanor to mash competitive riding and commuting into one. In fact, you can even convert the Scapin Eleanor Retro Road Bike into a fixed gear, which we are sure some will do. Constructed of Columbus Spirit steel, soldered lugs, and 1 inch custom forks. You can purchase the complete bike or frame with four different colors available in 13 different sizes. Retail price is about $1,750 USD….

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