pinit fg en rect gray 20   RePlay XD Video Camera

replay xd video camera   RePlay XD Video Camera

Riders wishing they could record their runs on a mountain trail or on the city will definitely get a kick out of using the new RePlay XD Video Camera.

Dubbed as “The Smallest Action Camera on Earth”, the RePlay XD is compact and records crystal clear images in a small yet tough exterior.

When tested on various bikes, the RePlay XD was found to be easy to use and can be mounted on any type of handlebar or even on helmet. This small camera also looks good with its ruggedly handsome alloy construction. Definitely a great buy for riders looking for a great and handy camera.

Whats great about this new innovative camera is that it weighs as light as 30 grams but can be used for a myriad of activities, including off-roading, rock climbing, skydiving, surfing and even hunting. The RePlay XD is not only easy to handle but its…

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