pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Fulcrum Red Wind Carbon Wheelset

2012 fulcrum red wind carbon wheelset   2012 Fulcrum Red Wind Carbon Wheelset

Fulcrum, a subsidiary of Campagnolo, has released its range of high-profile wheels for 2012, which features the new Red Wind carbon wheelset. The wheels will be available in Red Wind and Red Wind XLR configurations.

Red Wind features a rim that combines carbon fiber with an aluminum braking surface. The union of the spokes to the rim has a new system that allows for the finest distribution of forces, stability at high speeds, and outstanding aerodynamics.

Unlike other rims of the same price and spokes, the Red Wind rim is structural. Handmade in Italy, the 2012 Fulcrum Red Wind Carbon Wheelset combines a reasonable price and topnotch quality. Also, the wheels have valve grommets that keeps the valves from exasperatingly banging around inside the rim.

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