pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fulcrum Red Fire Freeride Wheels

fulcrum red fire freeride wheels   Fulcrum Red Fire Freeride Wheels

Made for the daring freeride mountain biker, the Red Fire wheels stays true to Fulcrum‘s principle of maintaining the lightness of the bike for downhill rides. It has an anodized red rim designed to take on tubeless tires. Strength is not overlooked with the Red Fire, as it has a thru-axle for the rear wheel.

The Red Fire uses an Ultra-Fit tubeless system to keep its tires in perfect fit. Also, the rim is milled to save weight. For improved spoke balance, asymmetrical drilling was used to allow a space for the sprocket set and disc brake.

The thru-axle can fit 12mm and 20mm. Approximate weight for the front wheel is 993 grams and 1207 grams for the rear.

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