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Easton EA30 Stem Recalled

easton ea30 stem recalled1   Easton EA30 Stem Recalled

Easton Sports has voluntarily recalled its EA30 stems that were sold between August 2007 and September 2009, as reported U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Easton has received a report that one of their stems broke and caused minor injury to the rider. The number of stems affected by Easton’s recall is about 6,400. If you have an EA30 stem, you should stop using it immediately and contact Easton Sports for a replacement. Check out Easton’s Web site for more information.

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MMA Sports Recalls Sunline V1 Carbon Handlebars

mma sports recalls sunline v1 carbon handlebars   MMA Sports Recalls Sunline V1 Carbon Handlebars

We just received word that MMA Sports announced a safety recall on the Sunline V1 Carbon handlebars. The handlebars are prone to cracking, or even breaking, which has occurred on the 31.8mm Sunline V1 Carbon handlebars. If you have purchased, please return them to the original store you purchased, and they will setup a refund for you. MMA Sports has stated the flaw is due to manufacturing.

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DMR Wingbar Handlebars Safety Recall

dmr wingbar handlebars safety recall   DMR Wingbar Handlebars Safety Recall

DMR has announced a safety recall on the Wingbar handlebars, to be precise the malfunction is accruing to the 25.4mm anodized alloy wingbars sold as a aftermarket part. Released in black, gray, green, purple, red, and blue, each handlebar has the DMR logo lasered on the left side. Sadly the bars are prone to cracking, and could snap in half.

DMR has said the following handlebars are not affected:
• DMR Alloy Wingbar – 31.8mm with ‘classic graphics’
• DMR Alloy Wingbar with ‘classic graphics’
• DMR Cro-Mo Wingbar with a brace
• DMR Heat treated Cro-Mo Wingbar
• Any DMR bar fitted to a DMR complete bike

If you have purchased one of the affected handlebars, please contact DMR by phone: 01403 711 611, or by email:….

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Electra Recalls 6,400 of Its 2009 Model Bikes

electra recalls 6400 of its 2009 model bikes1   Electra Recalls 6,400 of Its 2009 Model Bikes

Electra Bicycle Co. has placed a recall on 6,400 of its 2009 model Electra bikes with front trays or baskets after receiving 15 reports of loose trays and baskets. The defective Electra bicycles were sold by Electra dealers nationwide between October 2008 and August 2009 for $600 to $750. The problem has also been prevalent among Electra bikes with Electra’s after-market trays, which sales for $100. Contact Electra by phone (800-261-1644) or visit for a free inspection and repair regarding this issue….

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