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Rapha Lightweight Jersey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rapha Lightweight Jersey

rapha lightweight jersey 300x169   Rapha Lightweight JerseyRapha designs a jersey that molds itself like skin to the user called the Lightweight Jersey. It is specifically designed to keep you cool and looking good on extreme conditions of warm weather and hot rides.

Made from merino and polyester, the Lightweight Jersey features a breezy and feather-weight eyelet Sportwool exclusive to Rapha products. The jersey has a way of regulating your body temperature when worn. This is an advantage to your performance as it keeps you from getting too warm with its breathable fabric.

The Lightweight Jersey has a full-length zipper with lock-down puller to keep you secure when riding. It has two large cargo pockets and a unique mesh ballast pocket. With a valuables pocket and embroidered logo on the left sleeve, The Rapha Lightweight Jersey comes in colors of cool light blue and white.

Sizes available are from XS to XXL with a retail price of $175.00.

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Rapha + Paul Smith Collection

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rapha + Paul Smith Collection

rapha paul smith collection 1   Rapha + Paul Smith Collection

Rapha and Paul Smith have done projects in the past, and now they come together again for an official collection, known as Rapha + Paul Smith. The aforementioned project dated back in 2007, when the two came together on a Jersey, and furthering the relationship, Paul Smith sponsored the Rapha Condor Sharp racing team in 2009.

Riding in luxury is defiantly a privilege, and the Rapha x Paul Smith collection is exactly that containing rain jackets, jersey, and other cycling apparel. Both companies are branded in this release, which is apart of the Autumn collection. A strong use of purple are on the items, and for spice polka dots. An additional collection will release in the spring, which will feature trousers, jerseys, and other accessories. Here is some additional information on each piece.

The Merino Jersey by Rapha + Paul Smith is available in purple…

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Rapha Tourmalet Jersey

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rapha tourmalet jersey 300x300   Rapha Tourmalet JerseyTo commemorate Tour de France’s first stop at the Col du Tourmalet, Rapha comes out with the limited edition Tourmalet Jersey.

It was 100 years ago, on July 21, 1910 when Stage 10 of the Tour arrived at the highest mountain in the Pyrenees. Alphonse Steines (Tour founder Henri Desgrange’s assistant) first checked the mountain for the Tour and after overcoming snow and getting lost, he sent a telegram to Desgrange, saying it was “Perfectly Acceptable”. This line soon became associated with the Tourmalet.

The Tourmalet Jersey has a Tourmalet logo on the chest and below it was the immortalized line Steine wrote, “Parfaitement Passable”. On the left arm of the jersey is a replica of Steine’s signature.

It has three large cargo pockets and a zipped pocket for your valuables. Made from merino-rich material, it has a slim fit design and a longer cut on the front so…

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Rapha Large Backpack

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rapha Large Backpack

rapha large backpack   Rapha Large Backpack

First released was the Rapha backpack, and since then they are back but in a larger size for those long commutes and hauling your goods. Same design and fabrics as its predecessor, the Rapha Large Backpack adds additional features that the original size does not have.

When constructing the large Rapha backpack, they made sure it was lightweight even with the increase size (17 liters, compared to the regular 11). A fold out compartment was added that holds up to 5 liters, and can hold a pair of shoes.

The main pack fabric is tough and waterproof, and since it is black, Rapha added reflective pin dots to be seen riding at night. Added for additional safety is light loops on the straps and rear panel.

Comfort is what all us cyclists enjoy, and the padding in the rear of the backpack will follow the curve of your…

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Rapha New Cyclewear for 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rapha New Cyclewear for 2010

Rapha New Cyclewear for 2010 1   Rapha New Cyclewear for 2010

Rapha is a premium clothing company based in London that produces high-end cyclewear. Their line for 2010 includes stylish designs on caps, jerseys and more. There are some returning items as well. Accessories like merino base layers, leather town gloves and overshoes are back due to popular demand. In time with the new season the traditional cycling trousers will also be relaunched in grey.

The latest products of Rapha apparel for 2010 include a checked cap, long sleeve shirt, women’s stowaway jacket, women’s classic jersey and women’s shorts.

The checked cap is made by hand with quality Italian fabric. Breathable and windproof, the cap is made up of 67% polyester and 33% cotton. There is a lining of moisture-wicking anti-bacterial tape. A thick elastic fastener makes for a snug fit. It comes in three colorways of red, blue and grey. MSRP $60

Made of gingham check fabrics, the Rapha long sleeve has an…

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