pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Fox Racing Giant Ranger Mountain Bike Shorts

2012 fox racing giant ranger mountain bike short   2012 Fox Racing Giant Ranger Mountain Bike Shorts

For 2012, Fox Racing has reintroduced its cycling shorts called Ranger, which has been the favorite of mid-level mountain bike riders for several years. In collaboration with Giant, these shorts are crafted to be very stylish but still affordable.

Specifically design for mountain bike rides, the Ranger offers just the right fit through its interior adjustable waistband. The severity of the trail is tackled well with the short’s optimal abrasion resistance and durability, thanks to its nylon outer shell.
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For cross country trail riders, the 2012 Fox Giant Ranger Mountain Bike Shorts are ideal, especially for long-distance rides. The short is also amply designed with multiple pockets to accommodate and secure several essentials for long-distance…

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