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2012 Radio Bikes Bombtrack Fixed Gear Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Radio Bikes Bombtrack Fixed Gear Bike

2012 radio bikes bombtrack fixed gear bike   2012 Radio Bikes Bombtrack Fixed Gear Bike

With its years of engineering expertise, Radio Bikes has released a state-of-the-art fixed gear bike for 2012 called Bombtrack. The Radio Bikes’ BMX product designers created this with the participation of Paris, France’s Simon “Gomok” Andraca, one of the most influential European fixed trick-style riders.

Maintaining the background of Radio Bikes’ BMX freestyle and street background, the Bombtrack features a 100% 4130 CrMo steel frame, fork, and bar. Weighing in at only 12.1kg, this fixie is not only lightweight and speedy but is also amazingly stable.

While affordable, the 2012 Radio Bikes Bombtrack Fixed Gear Bike is designed to endure even the most progressive riding styles. Even taller still enjoy the ideal feel for tricks since the chain stay length of the bike is maintained. What is more, the bike features an awesome geometry and integrated pegs.

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2011 Radio BMX Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Radio BMX Bikes

radio bikes new bmx 1 300x199   2011 Radio BMX BikesRadio Bikes is a new bike company from the people behind WeThePeople. Radio Bikes aims to provide entry level BMX bikes of quality and style at an affordable cost. The flag bearer for Radio bikes is BMX icon Morgan Wade. Products from Radio Bikes will be available in the markets of Hungary, Spain, France, UK, Poland, Australia and Germany by September/October.

Radio Bikes offers three complete BMX bikes. They are the Saiko, Valac and the Astron. The Saiko features Salt AM Nylon/fiberglass pedals, Salt single wall rims and Salt Team grips. It also has a 36T/14T gearing and a short toptube length of 19.5”. The Saiko also has a 3-piece fully Crmo crank.

The Valac features a Crmo downtube and a 25T/9T gearing. It also has a sealed midBB and Radio 9T cassette hub. The Astron has a trimoly frame with alloy sprocket and a Salt headset. It features Radio slim…

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