pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Look Cycle 986 Race Ready Carbon Hardtail

2012 look cycle 986 race ready carbon hardtail 3   2012 Look Cycle 986 Race Ready Carbon Hardtail

A new top-end race-ready carbon hardtail bike called 986 has been released by Look Cycle for 2012. By using an integrated A-stem, the bike allows the handlebars to be slammed as low as cross-country racers normally choose.

With a new geometry that matches 100mm forks, this new hardtail bike is available in two models, which are regular or standard seat post with a 1300g frame and integrated E-Post with a 1200g frame. The E-post model reduces the weight while increasing the stiffness.

Also available is a standard RSP version that has anintegrated seat mast using a Syntace Carbon Hi-flex post. With a BB30 bottom bracket, the 2012 Look Cycle 986 Race-Ready Carbon Hardtail guarantees the riders that during racing, their power will not be wasted.

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