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Allan Davis Leaves Quick Step

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Allan Davis Leaves Quick Step

allan davis leaves quick step   Allan Davis Leaves Quick Step

Allan Davis has left team Quick Step after one and a half seasons with the Belgian team. Quick Step has not been able to offer Davis a new contract with the withdrawal of Specialized as one of the team’s sponsor. Davis’ leaving has been confirmed a day after Patrick Lefevere, the team manager, announced his interest in signing two-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador for the 2011 season. “I held four spots open, one for Contador himself and for three of his close teammates. I won’t fill them until the opportunity presents itself,” Lefevere told Belgian newspaper Gazet van Anwerpen on Thursday. Davis has yet to announce a new team for 2010, but it is possible that he may go to his brother’s team, Fly V Australia. They plan to race the Tour de France in 2012….

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Quick Step Makes Offer to Alberto Contador

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Quick Step Makes Offer to Alberto Contador

quick step makes offer to alberto contador   Quick Step Makes Offer to Alberto Contador

Two-time Tour de France champion Alberto Contador is expected to make a decision on who he will be riding for in the 2010 season. It looks as if the two choices will be his current team, Astana, and the Belgian Quick Step. Rumor has it that Astana has offered Contador a contract worth 8 million euros per year, but his brother and manager, Fran Contador, denies that the offer has been made. He also says that if Alberto remains with Astana, it won’t be on a long-term contract. La Gazzetta Dello Sport, an Italian newspaper, reported that Quick Step has offered Contador a four-year contract worth 5 million euros per year. Quick Step’s manager, Patrick Lefevere, denies the amount of the contract. He says, “We have made an offer, knows how much and we will see. I don’t talk…

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