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2012 Lezyne Alloy Dirt Floor Drive Pump

2012 lezyne alloy dirt floor drive pump   2012 Lezyne Alloy Dirt Floor Drive Pump

For mountain bike riders who are looking for a precision high-volume floor pump for their tires, the new Lezyne Alloy Dirt Floor Drive Pump has been released for 2012. This durable and stylish pump is built with a steel piston and CNC-machined aluminum barrel and base.

For comfort, the high-volume floor pump has a varnished wood handle that features an oversized contoured grip. The air flow per stroke is doubled by its oversized piston, barrel, connectors, and hose, which allows for an easy filling and placing of the tire beads on tubeless tire systems.

Perfect for mountain bike tires is the new 2012 Lezyne Alloy Dirt Floor Drive Pump. This pump is strong enough to inflate tubeless tires and is Presta and Schrader valve compatible. Quick valve engagement is delivered by the Speed Chuck adaptor and ABS Flip-Thread Chuck combination called Slip-Fit System.

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2011 Lezyne Alloy Drive CFH Pump

2011 lezyne alloy drive cfh pump   2011 Lezyne Alloy Drive CFH Pump

Lezyne has released its new Alloy Drive CFH Pump for 2011. This is made for riders who are looking for the smartest solution to a flat tire. By using Flex Hose attachment, which the company has tried and tested, this pump is certainly reliable and innovative.

While CO2 canisters are ideal for saving time when deflation occurs during endurance mountain biking, be it a stage race, a whole day race, or a 24-hour marathon in the hills, carrying a pump is still necessary. However, carrying both can be a hassle during racing.

Thanks to the 2011 Lezyne Alloy Drive CFH Pump, racers do not have to carry both CO2 canisters and a pump. With its exacting standards, Lezyne designed its pump and the mount with a nicely machined aluminum barrel and handle making pumping tires as effortless as possible.

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2011 Giant Control Shock Pump

2011 giant control shock pump   2011 Giant Control Shock Pump

If you are looking for a high performance shock pump, one great item on the market is the 2011 Giant Control Shock pump. Such a pump is user friendly, efficient and packed with features such as its ability to inflate up to pressures of 300psi. A highly precise gauge is combined with a smooth action pump, making it the perfect tool for restoring air to those tires.

Aside from its 300 psi (20 bar) removable gauge, the 2011 Giant Control Shock Pump features a foldable hose and T-handle, and a 2-3 psi micro-adjust bleeder button. Its double function allows the fork and rear shock air pump item to inflate shocks and tires with an included Presta adapter.

With a rubber armored gauge, the 2011 Giant Control Shock Pump prevents damage and increases accuracy and longevity….

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Airace Infinity Turbo Steel Floor Pump

airace infinity turbo steel floor pump 300x300   Airace Infinity Turbo Steel Floor PumpFor easy fill ups in your tires, the Airace Infinity Turbo Steel Floor Pump is your handyman that should not be absent. The Turbo has an automatic chuck which allows you to use it on any valves like Schrader and Presta. This is also meant that you won’t need to adjust grommets and spacers. The Turbo gives the right amount of air required.

The Airace Infinity Turbo Steel Floor Pump has a lever that is equipped with an air release valve that functions like an exit for excess air. The gauge is located on the top of the barrel. Here is where you can also check the data like a dial pointer. The dial pointer ensures a proper set pressure is followed. The hose hangs from underneath the gauge. It is flexible and can easily be kept in storage.

The Airace Infinity Turbo Steel Floor Pump provides a maximum of 160psi….

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2011 Axiom Tools and Pumps

2011 axiom tools and pumps 1 300x300   2011 Axiom Tools and PumpsAxiom comes out with innovative multi-tools for 2011 to cater cyclists everywhere. Among the new line is the Dominate Air Pro Mini Pump. Made with 6063 T6 alloy barrel and laser etching, the Dominate Air Pro can accommodate 120 psi maximum pressure and is made with quality non-recycled plastic. It weighs 165 grams and even has a mounting bracket.

The multi-tools are quite ingenious when it comes to its design and structure. This is due to Axiom’s dedication to make the tools, handy, easy to keep, all-in-one and not at all heavy to carry. The Saviour Super CT 11 has almost everything you might need during a trail-side repair. The Tuck16 can allow you to do 16 functions for tweaking and even has a center-mounted chain tool in it.

The Flat Pack CT13 is makes efficient use of its design to keep all the tools in a compact rectangular…

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Second Wind Road Bike Pump

second wind road bike pump   Second Wind Road Bike Pump

If you are a cyclist whose priority is having top convenience in mind all the time, then you should consider getting the Second Wind Road Bike Pump. It is one of its kind since besides being a manual type of pump, it also allows the utilization of CO2 cartridges to work on your behalf. Not to mention that it is very tiny making it easy to carry with you and has light weight due to its barrel made of carbon fiber.

Its three major advantages actually lie in its being portable, tiny and light in weight. It also comes with a frame mount to help you attach it easily under the cage of your water bottle as it comes with the right set of screws. The pump can be securely snapped into the bracket and even comes with a Velcro strap for added security.

If you want to…

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Blackburn AirStik LongNeck Frame Pump

blackburn airstik longneck frame pump   Blackburn AirStik LongNeck Frame Pump

Cyclists who have problems with broken valve stems can find an easy solution with the Blackburn AirStik LongNeck Frame Pump. As the name suggests, the pump mounts to your frame, and is 9.5cm long. The 4.6oz/130 pump won’t weigh you down much either. The Blackburn AirStik LongNeck Frame Pump can work with both Presta and Shrader valves. The head detaches by just unscrewing it, and it also gives you 160psi of inflation. Head over to Blackburn to read more about the Blackburn AirStik LongNeck Frame Pump….

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