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Puma Bikes x Size? x Trainerspotter Funk

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Puma Bikes x Size? x Trainerspotter Funk

puma bikes size trainerspotter funk   Puma Bikes x Size? x Trainerspotter Funk

Size? and Trainerspotter will release two bikes in collaboration with Puma. The model used in the collaboration is the Funk.

The Puma x Size? x Trainerspotter Funk celebrates the release of the Puma Sky II Hi sneakers. Furthering the celebration, the sneakers were released for Size?’s 10 year anniversary.

Both models used are the Puma Funk. Size? and Trainerspotter have their own edition of the Funk that is inspired by the the TV series Miami Vice.

Trainerspotter Puma Funk uses gray pastel paint, with a mixture of mint and pink on the rims and tires. The bike captures Sonny Crockett’s flamboyant style. Crockett is known for wearing pastel cotton t-shirts with Hugo Boss and Versace suits.

Size?’s Puma Funk is a bit less flashy, but still maintains the Miami theme and the classic style Size? is known for. Besides the obvious differences in colors, Size? also flipped…

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2011 Puma Mopion Commuter

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Puma Mopion Commuter

puma mopion commuter 300x188   2011 Puma Mopion CommuterFor 2011, Puma aims to redefine the world of urban commuting with its line of amazingly intriguing designs. The latest addition to Puma’s line is the Mopion Commuter. It will be available in spring of 2011.

Puma has previously collaborated with Biomega on its Pico and Nevis models but now, aside from Biomega, the Mopion Commuter also came to be with designer Kibisi. The new urban bike brings commuting and doing daily errands to a level of stylish and functional taste. The Mopion Commuter has an extended front for your cargo using its frame as a foundation and to keep the bike in balance.

The 2011 Puma Mopion Commuter Bike has smooth steering and riding around with your goods will not be a problem. It is also a lightweight bike which you can also look good on. The new commuter bike comes in colors of white, black, and blue and white.

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Puma Bikes Mini Website

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Puma Bikes Mini Website

puma bikes mini website   Puma Bikes Mini Website

Puma, known for sneakers and athletic clothes has launched a mini website for their new line of bikes. Although the brand has received some heat for dipping into the cycling world, Puma Bikes line features a fixed gear, city bike, and folding bikes for the summer of 2010.

Coming on board with Puma Bikes for the mini website is Biomega, a company based out of Copenhagen which designed each Puma Bike. As far as retail price goes, a standard price is available for each model, but since you can customize the bikes, price may vary.

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Puma Cycling to Mars

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Puma Cycling to Mars

puma cycling mars   Puma Cycling to Mars

Out of all the big brands for sneakers, Puma has the strongest presences in cycling, they have even launched their own line of bikes. Today we have a look at the Puma Cycling to Mars sneakers, a great and some what fashionable (depending on your style) commuter shoes. The Puma Cycling to Mars features hide away laces, strong rubber outsole, and reflective strips which is a good thing while riding in traffic at night. Available now at Puma retailers.

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Puma x Vexed Cycling Hoodie

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Puma x Vexed Cycling Hoodie

puma x vexed cycling hoodie2   Puma x Vexed Cycling Hoodie

Puma and Vexed have partnered up to bring urban cyclists a hoodie that offers riders face protections from the bitter cold. The all black hoodie features a full face mask with a removable filters. The hoodie also incorporated reflective piping for safety. To guard against water that’s been kicked up from riding or falling rain, a special flap was integrated into the design of the hoodie by its two manufacturers.

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