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2012 Prologo Scratch Pro Nack Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Prologo Scratch Pro Nack Saddle

2012 prologo scratch pro nack saddle   2012 Prologo Scratch Pro Nack Saddle

Included in the 2012 range of saddles from Prologo is the Scratch Nack. Quality has been enhanced very well without raising the price much, with the EV2 multi-density padding and machined bases featured in the entire Prologo saddle range.

The changes the entire range has undergone are both cosmetic and technical. While producing the Scratch Nack design is quite expensive, first-rate qualities are guaranteed making it ideal for riders who are looking for maximum comfort combined with excellent performance.

A stiff and light carbon fiber hull and a woven Kevlar’s bonded-in section are combined by the range-topping 2012 Prologo Scratch Pro Nack Saddle, the bonded-in section of the woven Kevlar molds to the backside for ultimate comfort.

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2012 Prologo Scratch X20 TR and X10 Mountain Bike Saddles

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Prologo Scratch X20 TR and X10 Mountain Bike Saddles

2012 prologo scratch x20 tr and x10 mountain bike saddles   2012 Prologo Scratch X20 TR and X10 Mountain Bike Saddles

Prologo has launched two new mountain bike saddles for 2012, which are the Scratch X20 TR and X10. Designed with serious all-mountain/downhill riders or gravity riders in mind, the Scratch X20 TR has been developed in collaboration with the Scott11 World Cup team.

Comfort during all-mountain/downhill rides is guaranteed, thanks to the tuned padding, which is Prologo’s own multi-density EV2 gel all over. The Scratch X20 TR saddle features a wide and deeply padded nose.

To complement the X20, Prologo created a cross-country version called the Scratch X10. While the Scratch X20 TR saddle will use approximately 20cm or 8in suspension travel, the Scratch X10 saddle will have about 10cm or 4in.

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Prologo C.ONE30 Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Prologo C.ONE30 Saddle

prologo c one30   Prologo C.ONE30 SaddleMost of the bikes we see are custom made and usually are big and bulky. But if you are looking for something to reshape the way your bike looks then get Prologo C.ONE30 saddle.

This was designed to shed off some weight on your bike. The ideal profile creates a platform  that is appropriate for narrow sir bones while still supporting the muscles on the hamstrings and gluteal area. This was constructed by using high modulus carbon shell or what is better known as HM a layer that increases strength.

To maximize its capacity strength the designer used 3 HM T700 carbon layers which are positioned with some fibers at 45 degrees in the outer layer and making 0 degrees for the internal layer of its shell. With its additional M30 carbon layer, the saddle is made stable having it resistant to torques.

The shell itself was designed not only…

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Prologo Scratch Pro Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Prologo Scratch Pro Saddle

prologo scratch pro saddle   Prologo Scratch Pro Saddle

Prologo comes out with a new saddle that boasts of Italian quality and innovative design. The Scratch Pro is the saddle that combines comfort, performance and value. This is what makes it the most popular saddle in Prologo lineup. It is the saddle of choice by 53% of the Pros sponsored by Prologo. It is also the one Robert McEwen chooses to use.

The Scratch Pro saddle retains a traditional domed structure which allows the platform suitable for canter and to support cyclists with narrow hip bones, hamstrings and the gluteus muscles. The saddle is also equipped with Active Density (AD). This is one of Prologo’s patented saddle construction techniques. With AD, the padding is distributed to three zones of the saddle.

The Scratch Pro saddle has a light and durable base. It has the Carbn Fibre Injection Base which is made a composite scompound with 16% carbon fiber. This allows the…

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