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Profile Cobra Carbon Road Stem

profile cobra carbon road stem   Profile Cobra Carbon Road Stem

Profile is a well known name when it comes to producing stems, handlebars and other components, and the newest product from Profile is the Cobra Carbon road stem. The Profile Cobra Carbon Road Stem uses carbon 3-D forged constructed of 7050-T6 aluminum, and comes in 80, 90, 100, 110, and 120mm. Profile’s new cobra carbon stem is specifically designed to be light, strong plus eliminates vibrations. Weighing in at 130 grams. Available in black or white.

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Profile Fixed 3/8 Axles Releasing Friday

profile fixed 3 8 axles releasing friday   Profile Fixed 3/8 Axles Releasing Friday

Releasing this Friday to Profile retailers are the new Fixed 3/8 Axles. As you can see, the Profile Fixed 3/8 Axles are solid, and features a oversized aluminum center female style axle with a choice of Titanium or CrMo axle bolts. Inspiration came from Profile’s best selling BMX Mini hub, and is said by Profile that these axles are virtually indestructible. Lastly, the cone spacers are manufactured out of aluminum, using a steel washer to grip the frame.

Source: Prolly is not Probably

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Profile Hub Guard 2010

profile hub guard 2010   Profile Hub Guard 2010

The 2010 Profile Hub Guard differs from past years, with this year taking on some upgrades. For example, they slimmed down the base on the guard, which will help fit on the frames that have smaller dropouts. Profile Hub Guard 2010 will only fit on 14mm, but is adaptable to High Flange, Totem Hubs and Profile Mini. Finished weight is 1.5 ounces, and as of now, you can purchase black, but coming soon are red, gold and blue.
Source: Profileracing

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